The Wedding Helper: The Big Day

We recently discussed helping the bride before the wedding. Now we’re going to cover how to help on her big day.

hh3The big day

The babysitter

If the couple is like most couples, they have probably included children in the guest list. If you enjoy kids––and have some experience with them––offer to babysit the children during the reception. Depending on the number of children and the ages, you may need to include the help of several others. But this service will not go unnoticed––the adults will be able to enjoy some time with the newly married couple without having to make sure their little one’s fingers are not in the cake.

The chef

Although this can certainly mean you can offer to do the food for the reception, you don’t have to go that far. Offer to provide some pre-ceremony snacks for the couple and their wedding party, especially if they’ll be getting ready during meal times. On your own, or with the help of others, prepare several trays of fruits and veggies and small finger foods. The availability will encourage the bride and others to eat something even if distracted and nervous.

The makeup artist

If you love doing makeup for friends, this may be the perfect opportunity to help out. It can be expensive to hire a professional to do wedding makeup, but brides often want the “expertise” of someone else on their wedding day. Offer to do her makeup on her big day. Make sure you have at least one practice session before the big day. This will give you the opportunity to experiment with color and technique. Also, learn beforehand if the bride (or her party, if you are doing their makeup also) are allergic to any ingredients found in makeup and skin care products. Even if it’s not the wedding day, no bride-to-be wants a major breakout or rash!

The hair stylist

hh2This is another area where the expense can really interfere with a bride’s wedding budget. And even if you’re not the professional stylist, many people can create wedding day tresses. As with the makeup, make sure to schedule in several practice sessions. Come equipped with pictures of up-dos and other styles that might suit the bride’s hair type. Curling irons and bobby pins are often an essential part of styling, so have these on hand. And don’t forget all the supplies on the wedding day!

The photographer

If you can consistently take professional-looking pictures, are able to do basic photo editing (to fix blemishes, coloring, etc.), and have a nice, reliable camera that you’re familiar with, consider offering to take photos for the wedding, as either a photographer, or an extra. If you’ve never photographed a wedding before, practice taking photos at other friends’ weddings (with permission!) before the big day. This can easily save the bride over a thousand dollars, and is something you can do for free as a gift. You can give her a CD of the finished product (after you’ve touched up the good photos, and deleted the bad) so she can choose which photos she wants to post online or print.

The clean-up crew

Like decorating, this job does not require a lot of talent. It really doesn’t require any talent. But it is one job that is often neglected and left for the family to deal with after the exciting and exhausting day. Although this service isn’t going to be in any pictures, it’s one that will be much appreciated. Offer to stay after all the guests––and the couple––have gone, to help clean up the reception area (and ceremony area, if needed). The family may have already hired someone to do this, or it may be included in the cost of the reception hall. But if the family is responsible for clean-up, help them out. It will let them finish more quickly and get home to rest after such a big day.

Weddings are filled with planning––many people put more thought into the planning of the wedding than they do the marriage itself. Helping with the wedding preparation or the big day itself is a great way for you to serve others with the talents God has given you (1 Peter 4:10).

“‘Blessed are those who are invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb!’” Revelation 19:9

By Lisa Grimenstein

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