The Wedding Helper: Pre-wedding Assistance

hh1Her wedding is one of the most anticipated things in a girl’s life. We play it as young girls. We dream about it as growing young women. Then the time arrives––the wedding date has been set and it’s time to start planning. And this is where the stress often begins.

Although “wedding season” is coming to an end, there are still plenty of weddings going on, and more to come next spring. Many of you may have one or two friends getting engaged or planning their weddings. Now is your chance to help! Remember that while it’s fun–and helpful!–to play helper, and can save the bride a lot of money, make sure that you’re offering help in areas you are good at, not something you think would be fun to try, because inexperienced work could also cause the bride much unwanted disappointment and stress on her big day.

Pre-wedding assistance

The florist

Do you love arranging flowers? Maybe you work or have worked at a florist’s shop? This is a great way you can help out the bride-to-be. Offer your services to create the flower arrangements for the wedding. I know several people who have offered to provide flower arrangements and bouquets, at cost, for the wedding as their gift to the bride and groom. Not only does this save the couple the cost of paying someone to do it, but it allows you to bless them with the special gift of your service.

The baker

If your passion is baking, this might be a great way to serve the couple. Bake their wedding cake. Of course, this is definitely not the job for your average cake baker. If you feel confident enough to offer your services, make sure you practice, practice, practice! It would also be a good idea to take a class on cake decorating––especially one with a focus on wedding cakes.

The calligrapher

hh4Do people tell you you have great handwriting? Offer to help the bride with one of the most dreaded of all pre-wedding jobs––invitations. Set a day, or days, when you can get together and address wedding invitations. Not only will the job go faster, but it will give you some great talk time with your friend in the midst of all the wedding busyness.

The decorator

This is one of the most basic jobs you could help with. You really don’t have to be an interior designer to help out with the set up of the wedding and reception. Unless the couple are having their reception in a location where the decorating is taken care of, they will need to set up the place themselves. Offer to help set up flowers, lights, tables, and chairs at the wedding and reception places. This will remove a lot of stress from the bride and her family, who are usually the ones setting up.

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Later, we’ll discuss how to help the bride on her wedding day, so check back!

By Lisa Grimenstein

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