Pierce my heart to spread Your word

OctMain1 Thessalonians 2:4 “But as we have been approved by God to be entrusted with the gospel, even so we speak, not as pleasing men, but God who tests our hearts.”

The above verse is very convicting to us (Lisa and Davonne), as we are often tempted to seek to please people, and we tend to worry about what others may think of our decisions. We have learned that in order to fully glorify God, we must instead care about what Christ thinks of our decisions, since we want to live our lives to honor Him.

As previously mentioned, we have recently decided to change the magazine format to encourage stay-at-home Christian mothers. (Go here to read our thoughts about that.) Since then, however, we have continued to feel unsettled about our decision, and have continued to seek God’s will in our lives. We feel convicted because we spend so much time working on Pierce My Heart and trying to reach women across the country that we often miss opportunities and lack the time to serve and teach people in our own communities.

After much prayer, discussion, and thoughtful consideration, we have decided to cease our ministry with Pierce My Heart, at least for this season of our lives. While we will miss writing and working with the other women involved, we feel a quiet rest in our hearts regarding our decision, and we know that we are making the right choice, with the Lord’s blessing.

We will continue to seek His will in our lives, and while we are setting this magazine aside for now, we may not put it aside forever. If He ever leads us to pick back up with Pierce My Heart, we will do so with joyful and willing hearts. We will leave the magazine online so the articles may be read anytime, and used as reference to continue teaching others about His word.

Extra18Some October articles have already been written, and will appear throughout the month, so please continue to check back for those. This will be our last month with new articles, and as we close this chapter in our lives, we are reminded of many wonderful things that have happened because of Pierce My Heart. We are truly thankful for the time we’ve had working in this ministry, and for the many people who have volunteered their time in helping to share His word with others. While it’s important to go to the Bible before any other source to develop our relationship with God, we hope many of you have also been uplifted, encouraged, and convicted as you’ve read the articles in this magazine and worked on your own personal walks with Christ.

We want to live life fully, joyfully serving God and our families, and we desire for other women to do the same. We hope that you will take every opportunity to joyfully love and serve others, seeking His will above all else in everything you do, and spreading His word to as many people as possible (Mark 16:15-16).

And, when any part of our lives comes to a close, let’s all remember that, “The end of a thing is better than its beginning…” (Ecclesiastes 7:8a).

May God bless you all,
Lisa Grimenstein and Davonne Parks

Pierce my heart in the small stuff: CHANGES ANNOUNCED

“…until heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest letter or stroke shall pass from the Law until all is accomplished.” Matthew 5:18

ItI1Our (not so small) changes

Our articles may be about small stuff this month, but the changes on the magazine are no small thing! As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve already started changing the layout; but it doesn’t stop there—we still have many exciting changes to come, including new colors, a new logo and mission statement, and new columns! In last month’s issue, we included details about our thoughts regarding the changes, so please be sure to read that article if you haven’t already. While the teen girls still hold a special place in our hearts (we’ve been there and know how tough it is!), we are very excited about our new direction of reaching out to stay-at-home Christian moms, and encouraging them to enjoy this season of life. We know that all moms need encouragement, so if you work outside the home, please feel free to read our articles too, and offer your own insight on our comments section.

Check back often to read articles from our brand-new columns, focusing on everything from marriage to family fun to discipline—all from a biblical perspective! We’re also keeping many of our other columns, but changing gears with them to reach our new target audience. We appreciate your patience and support as we continue updating the site and tweaking our material to better suit the needs of our readers.

This month

This month we’ll be focusing on the little things, from our new Fun Fact Friday (with an interesting small fact each week!), to taking small steps to take care of the bodies God gave us, to little things we can do to help our husbands feel loved. We’ll also be focusing on the small people in our homes, with a special devotional-recipe, ideas for family nights, and a list of ways children can be included in reaching out to others.

There’s also a great book giveaway coming up for moms, plus there will be a few tips on how to get rewarded for browsing the web, and how to get “new” clothes without spending a dime!

Let’s not forget about the little things in life—we shouldn’t neglect them, but we shouldn’t obsess about them either. Let’s strive to live today for today, let tomorrow take care of itself, and relish the feeling of knowing that He Is, and always will be.

Enjoying the Smallness,
Lisa and Davonne

Pierce my heart for marriage

Hebrews 13:4 “Marriage is to be held in honor among all…”

This month

desktopimageOur theme is about marriage this month, and we’ll include everything from choosing a spouse, to wedding hair and helping on the big day, to being a godly wife after we say the “I Do’s.” All of the volunteers have worked hard to put together the summer edition of the magazine, and we hope you’ve enjoyed our articles about career and college in June and July, and that you’ll also benefit from our marriage articles this month.

New Direction

When the idea for the magazine was formed in January 2008, Lisa had two children and I had one. We were both planning on homeschooling our children, but that seemed very far away. Since that time, we’ve both added an additional child to our families (her third son was born in May; my second daughter was born in July), plus we will begin homeschooling next month. We are much busier with our home and family lives now than we were when we began the magazine, and being managers of our homes needs to be our top priority (Titus 2:3-5).

We’ve also lost several of our teen writers to the busyness of school and jobs, and while we’ve added a few new writers, we’re still writing many of the articles ourselves each month. We’re also both becoming further and further removed from the teenage group as our families grow and our energy and time is directed toward being godly wives and mothers, so we’re finding it increasingly difficult to write relevant teen articles each month.

We do, however, love the ministry of an online magazine, and the amount of hits the site receives each day suggests that this ministry is reaching many people. The type of comments and e-mails we’ve received about the magazine leads us to believe that our largest audience is not the teen girl audience we were originally striving to reach, but instead the majority of our audience seems to be mothers and young women. And the more we try to attract teens (giveaways, dating articles, etc.), the more we seem to attract the women in our stage of life!

news2So, after much thought, prayer, and discussion, Lisa and I have decided that beginning on September 1, 2009, Pierce My Heart will change directions–we will still be an online magazine, but we will no longer be geared toward teens. We will instead change our format and our articles to reach a new target audience of stay-at-home Christian mothers. The new format will be simplified to make the magazine more flexible and less time consuming, so we can spend more time focusing on our families, and more time working on our own spiritual lives so that we can be the godly wives and mothers God wants us to be.

We will have a “Teen Scene” column on the magazine, which will include the majority of the articles for and by teens. We are planning on continuing this column as long as the teen writers choose to continue assisting in the new direction of this ministry.

The articles this month will still be geared toward our original target audience of young women, but you will notice changes to the overall look and format of the magazine, as we’re preparing to change things to better accommodate mothers of young children. These changes will happen gradually over the next two months, so we can have everything in place by the end of September to begin our new direction.

Your input

We would love to receive your input, thoughts, and suggestions of ideas, columns, or topics you’d like to see (or things you’d like to stop seeing) on this magazine in the future. You can either leave your thoughts in a comment below, or contact us with your suggestions.

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement as we begin a new chapter of our ministry with Pierce My Heart.

Davonne Parks

Pierce my heart: college edition!

Ecclesiastes 12:12-13 “…Of making many books there is no end, and much study is wearisome to the flesh … Fear God and keep His commandments, For this is man’s all.”

news1Welcome to the college edition of Pierce My Heart! This month we’re focusing on many aspects of college preparation, including choosing a college, becoming financially savvy at school, and the highest learning we can achieve.

We’ll also talk about staying emotionally close to family members while physically far away; we’ll include college tips that any college freshman can benefit from; and there will be an article that offers wisdom from Christian women who have been there.

We’ll discuss the different types of colleges and the benefits each type offers, including state schools, private and Christian universities, community colleges, and online schools.

Since college students will probably make many new friends, we’ll also have articles about activities to do with those friends, such as backyard sports, tie-dying shirts, campfire cooking, and campus study sessions.

If you’re going to live away from home, you’ll probably enjoy our articles about chic sleepwear, avoiding the “freshman 15,” living with roommates, and decorating a dorm or apartment.

Sunglasses are on sale in many places by now, which makes our article about choosing flattering sunglasses very fitting, and perfect for driving to college in style!

Our Heart to Heart summer series, “Instantly Changed,” will continue this month, so be sure to check that out.

Suicide is something that some of us will have to deal with some time in our lives, which is why we’ll be addressing this very sad and serious issue this month.

Other news

agly3After much thought and prayer, I’ve decided that articles will no longer appear on Sundays, which will allow for a full day of worship, family time, and rest. New articles will continue to appear every other day of the week, so if you do read Pierce My Heart on Sundays, there should be several articles from the previous week (and past months) to browse through – just make sure that you’re enhancing, not replacing, your own worship or study time with articles and books from other places.

Giveaway and thoughts

We’re going to give away a bag of beauty products this month, so check back soon for details about that.

Whether you’ve already gone to college, will be leaving this fall, or won’t head to college for a few years, or at all, we hope you can enjoy and benefit from these articles.

Remember to keep it all in perspective, though, and that in the end the only thing that matters is that we lived our lives for Christ and are His children. He doesn’t care about what type of degree we have (or don’t have) – all He cares about is that we are obedient to Him and have given our lives to Him, talking about His love with as many people as possible.

Sharing Him,
Davonne Parks

Pierce my heart in choosing a career

desktopstandardljune092 Timothy 2:15 “Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”

This summer

Welcome to summer! June is a special month for us, because it marks the anniversary of our premier date – we’ve been an official online magazine for exactly one year! Articles from our very first issue, “Pierce my heart in the Son” can be found here, and you can go here to choose any of our back issues to read.

We’re focusing on our futures this summer, beginning with choosing a career this month, continuing with our college edition next month, and closing with a theme in August that’s dedicated to preparing our hearts and minds for marriage. Whether or not you’ve entered these stages, you can benefit from the articles, since some articles cover the basics we need to know in advance, and other articles are more in-depth.

We also have several articles that will appear throughout the summer about one girl whose entire life changed because of one decision she made, and how she dealt with the consequences of her actions. She shares her story in hopes that you will learn from her mistakes, and consider the consequences of your actions and how they can affect your future.

This month

On the spiritual front, we’ll discuss the work that Jesus has already done for us, the type of work Christ wants in His church, how to be involved by volunteering for summer activities at your church, and how to keep a godly attitude in a work environment.

We’ll also offer a list of growing careers to think about pursuing, and we’ll talk about how to conduct ourselves in the workplace, with articles discussing the interview, how to dress on the job, the inappropriateness of flirting, and how to handle work stress. Plus, we’ll give suggestions for fast and healthy breakfasts and lunches – perfect for busy work days.

Gifts by Hannah ColleyThe issue of time management will be addressed, and will hopefully encourage you to seek balance in your own life. We’ll also review a book written by a girl when she was just sixteen years old – this girl made great use of her time to be able to write a book amid tests, school activities, and everything else she had going on in her life.

Fun in the sun

Most of us love being out in the sun, but there are very real dangers in sunbathing. We’ll discuss the dangers of the sun, and tell how to keep our skin safe and healthy while enjoying the fresh air. We’ll also give suggestions for getting a tan without the risk, complete with budget-friendly product recommendations.

No money for a vacation? Try a staycation! Whether your family has a free Saturday, a long weekend, or an entire week to spend together, there are plenty of activities you can plan on doing right in your own backyard, so be sure to read our Generation Gap article this month (you’ll also find a few ideas that will work great when babysitting!).


We have a devotional book to give away this month, complete with short daily devotionals – perfect for the working woman! Check back in the upcoming weeks for more details.

Your job

Whether you’re looking for a lifelong career, or just hoping to score a summer job to save for college, remember to strive to glorify God first, and to be an example to others around.

Colossians 3:17a: “Whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord.”

Working for Him,
Davonne Parks

Pierce my heart to serve

May's Desktop Image1 Peter 4:10 “As each one has received a special gift, employ it in serving one another as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.”

We’ve all been blessed with special gifts, or talents, and one of the things we can do with our talents is use them to serve others, which is what this month’s theme is all about!

The articles

We’ll identify how and why serving is important, as well as give ideas about how teens and young adults can serve in the church and in the community, through carwashes, lending an ear, or practicing random acts of kindness throughout the day.

We’ll also talk about the greatest Servant of all, Jesus Christ, as we read more about Him in our daily Bible reading. We’ll discuss some of the things He desires for His church, and give a quick reference of a few ways we can serve others in order to reflect Him.

Civil Service (or jury duty) is a service that’s often required of people, and we’ll learn a little about that, as well as receive some insight about why we shouldn’t judge the judges. Depression, also something we don’t ask for, can leave us feeling deprived of the energy we need in order to serve others, so this month there will be an article that tells signs and symptoms of depression, as well as offer ways to find help.

Inappropriate lyrics in music is something we can easily overlook or excuse, but we need to think about what we’re allowing into our hearts, so this month there will be an article that will make us think twice about excuses, and will offer fun, upbeat alternatives to popular sounds that will help us to have pure servants’ hearts.

Those of you who are getting ready to cram for finals will enjoy our article about serving each other with a study party, and we’ll read about how we can serve God by helping guys keep their thoughts pure this summer by what we choose to wear. We’ll also post tips for hosting a parents’ night out; this event will offer free babysitting to give couples past the dating stage a chance to rejuvenate their romance and reconnect.

Homemade BrowniesCooking and Moms

This month also focuses on food in a big way, with our Gifted Girls column featuring baking and easy suggestions about serving others with baked goods (check there for information about what to submit for next month!), and our Cooking Corner’s special five-part “Delightful Dining” series. This series will include detailed instructions, tips, and ideas about all areas of planning a dinner party for others, from the day the idea occurs, to the clean-up afterward, and everything in between. We’ll close off the food series with a Health and Fitness article that discusses sensible solutions for common food cravings, and tips for eating the really fun stuff in moderation.

Mother’s Day is coming up this month (May 10), and we don’t want to forget our mothers who work so hard, often unnoticed and unappreciated, to serve their families. One girl writes an article expressing appreciation for her mother, and offers readers the opportunity to leave comments telling good things about their mothers, too. Put Mom first this Mother’s Day to make her feel pampered and appreciated, thanking her for the other 364 days each year that she puts everyone else’s needs above her own. A great way to do this would be to give her a pedicure, which you can do using the step-by-step instructions we’ll post!

Bathing Suit Discount

Lime Ricki offered a special giveaway last month, and you can still get a really great––and modest––bathing suit at a great price (especially if you shop their clearance section!) because Lime Ricki’s special offer is still available for all Pierce My Heart readers. You will save 10% off your entire purchase just by entering the coupon code HEART10 at their checkout by May 15, 2009!

Giveaway and volunteer news

news3Style Sense will talk about making immodest summer clothes more modest, and we’ll give away one $25 gift card to an online clothing store, so check back for more information about that!

If you need to be involved in a summer internship program, or would just like a way to serve this summer, please contact us for information about how you can volunteer for Pierce My Heart. No matter what your talent is, there’s sure to be a job for you, so don’t let lack of experience or writing skills stop you! You will not only be helping to spread God’s Word across the country, but you will also be able to put this volunteer experience on your resume or college applications.

This month

As you read the articles this month, think of ways you can put your talents to good use, no matter what skills you’ve been blessed with. Share Christ’s love with others by allowing His light to shine through you. Matthew 5:16: “Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.”

Serving Him,
Davonne Parks

Pierce my heart to care for Your creation

Romans 1:20 “For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen…”

iti1We can all rejoice knowing that spring has arrived! I love the freshness and newness of this season, with the flowers, the birds and other animals, and the warm, clean scent in the air. This month we’re going to focus on caring for God’s creation as we enjoy the great outdoors. We’ll talk about everything from caring for nature, to caring for animals, people, and the church.

God cares for all of His creation, especially us, and we’ll discuss that this month, as well as give scientific evidence found in the Bible proving that He Is.

Articles about caring for the guys He’s created will include fun group date ideas and discuss whether or not innocent flirting is actually innocent. We’ll also give fun kid-friendly recipes and tips for cooking with the younger guys and girls we know, and we’ll learn about a great way to download free lessons from young Christian men!

We’ll get a view into the life of a girl whose earthly father didn’t care for her the way he should have, and how she’s overcome that struggle. In a separate article by the same girl, we’ll read about how she learned to love herself just as God created her, and she’ll encourage us to do the same.

On an environmental note, we’ll have recycling tips and instructions, information about organic foods, fresh ideas on how to help care for the planet, and we’ll discuss whether or not global warming is something to worry about (clue: read Psalm 74:16–17 and Mark 13:31–33). We’ll also talk about the not-so-booming job market and see what we can do to help the economy in this time of need.

We’ll go through the challenging process of successful eyebrow grooming this month, and include tips for three different ways to go about obtaining the perfect brow (great for framing those beautiful eyes He created).

Gifted Girls is featuring sewing this month, and photos of items people have sewn will appear, along with instructions on a fun, easy sewing project that even beginners can do. Next month’s theme will also be announced (think taste buds), so be sure to check it out!

Giveaway and other news

iti2This month we’re having a special two-part bathing suit article (in plenty of time for summer!), and one web store is generously giving away a new suit to one reader! This store is also offering a special discount just for Pierce My Heart readers, so stay tuned to be shown a great deal even if you don’t win a free suit.

You may have noticed that our home page no longer has a video––instead, it lists the most recently posted articles for easy reference. Just click on the title you’re interested in and you’ll be directed to that article. The video can still be seen on our media page, along with our desktop images and buddy icons.

We now have a Pro-Life tag! If you know of anyone who is considering abortion, print off these articles to lovingly encourage and read with them. Information from the articles can also be cited in research papers, or read for your own personal reference. To view all of our tags, look on the right- hand side of any page (except the home page) under our “Links” section. New tags will be added throughout the upcoming months, so be sure to glance over there often.

If you have a question you’d like answered, contact us with your question and we’ll send it to one of our advice columnists to answer.

As you read the articles this month, allow yourself to be drawn to caring for His creation, then grab a friend, put on some work gloves, and get to work! Every little bit helps––none of us can do it all, but together we can do a lot.

Creatively His,
Davonne Parks

Pierce my heart to live up to Your potential for me

mar09desktopthumbnailPsalm 139:14 “…I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Your works, And my soul knows it very well.”

The articles

As spring approaches this month, we’ll revel in the newness of the season by striving to live up to the potential God has planned for us. We’ll discuss how to begin a life in Christ, how to come back to the Lord if we’ve strayed away, and how to shoot for the moon in our Christian walk. We’ll also offer quick tips about using our potential on a day-to-day basis, as well as discuss which scriptures to read to give us inspiration to live up to our full potential in Him.

If you want to know how to be a great friend, how to get along with your family, or what to look for in a potential husband, Friends, Family, and Dating are the columns for you this month. Maybe you’ve been wondering if a guy you’re dating is really the best guy for you – Ask a Guy will tell us when it’s time to say goodbye to less than stellar relationships.

Our Gifted Girls column is featuring poetry this month, so be sure to check that out. You can read the poems and see what you can submit to be featured in our next issue! In the spirit of warmer weather, which often brings the desire to be healthier, we have suggestions for healthy substitutions to our favorite unhealthy treats, as well as fun outdoor workouts we can do anywhere.

On the more serious side, we have several articles about abortion lined up to post, including a poem from a Christian author who had an abortion during her teen years. We’ll also hear from an adoptive mother who is so thankful that her child’s birth mother chose life.

The articles don’t stop there, though! We have several really fun articles, including tips for the perfect manicure, a two-part series about formal wear, and great information about how to host a clothing drive for used dresses.


mm3I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but I will tell you that this month’s giveaway features a great book that ties in with this month’s theme. This is a great book to take to the park (or your back porch) to read while enjoying His presence outdoors.

Join us

You can subscribe to this magazine for free by typing your e-mail address into the “eNews & Updates” box on the right-hand side of the page. You will receive one e-mail per day with all of the articles that have been added in the past 24 hours.

We also have a Facebook Fan Club. Members receive occasional updates and sneak peeks to magazine happenings that other people don’t have access to, so if you’d like a behind-the-scenes look at Pierce My Heart, be sure to join the fan club, and invite your friends to join as well.

Your potential

As you read the articles (updated daily!) this month, consider and pray about what you can do to live up to the potential God has planned for you––then do something about it! Host your own dress drive, grab a sibling and go for a run together, read something from your Bible, and use your words to encourage others.

Allow Him to pierce your heart as you learn to use your potential every day.

Potentially Speaking,
Davonne Parks

Pierce my heart to love like You do

1 Corinthians 13:6-8: “…[Love] rejoices with the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails…”

news1Welcome to the second issue of the newly structured Pierce My Heart. We hope you’ve been enjoying all the changes, as well as your old favorites. Although there are still some changes taking place, we have settled into this new year, as we hope you have too. One of our most exciting changes is yet to come—we have several new writers! We will be welcoming them over the next couple months and hope that you will enjoy the fresh change that will come from their writing. If any of you would like to join our volunteer writing staff, be sure to let us know and we’ll send an application your way!

In this issue

Entering into February rarely happens without thoughts of love entering our minds. And this month’s issue is filled with love! From demonstrating love to our families to celebrating love with our friends to sharing love with strangers, we will center this issue on sharing God’s love with others, and learning about His love for us.

Of course, the first place to start when discovering God’s love is in His word. This month’s Daily Bible Reading schedule is filled with scripture about God’s love for us, and how He wants us to love others. As well as studying Scripture for what godly love looks like, we also have some articles that discuss how we can show godly love today.

Part of God’s love is how we love ourselves because of who we are in Christ and how valuable we are to God. This month’s Cooking Corner includes great recipes for foods from all around God’s world. Although Beauty Buzz will focus on loving our hair, it also relates to the more important matter of loving the body God gave us. February’s Health and Fitness will also discuss being content with our bodies, and not comparing ourselves to others or some “perfect”—and worldly—standard.  This issue will also introduce some more difficult topics, such as alcoholism and God’s love for unborn children.

mediamatters1Don’t forget to check out some of the lighter topics, though! Media Matters reviews a great love story, and Gifted Girls will display some reader talent. We have a list of the best things about being single, and a few fun suggestions about how to tell others what they mean to you. And to get extra insight from some of our writers, visit our new blog, Just for Today.

Be sure to also check out Style Sense this month, because there are not one, but two special giveaways, for a total value of $55!

A closing note

You can subscribe to the magazine, on the right-hand side of the page, to receive your favorite articles in your inbox the day they’re posted. Don’t forget about the Facebook Fan Club. You can join, and invite all of your Facebook friends to join too!

Now that we’ve hopefully renewed our spirits, we can fully delight in the feeling of God’s love, so grab some hot cocoa, sit back, and relax as you read the articles this month to discover new ways of sharing that love with others.

By Lisa Grimenstein

Pierce my heart anew

Psalm 51:10: “Create in me a clean heart, O God, And renew a steadfast spirit within me.”

Now that the hustle and bustle of the holidays are coming to an end, we can sit back and really enjoy the calmness of the winter season. We can take time to meditate on the above verse and allow our hearts to be renewed.

Pierce My Heart has decided to do the same thing, in many ways! Some of our staff has changed columns they’ve been writing for, we’ve decided to take out a few columns, we’ve added a couple new ones, and we’ve changed the directions of some columns we already have.

Deleted columns

A few of our columns have been taken out to allow room for newness this year – but don’t worry! You can still read all of the old articles by clicking on the monthly issues and choosing the month you want to read.

New columns

Have you ever wondered what the Bible says about topics such as abortion and homosexuality? If you have, then In the World is the column for you. Topics like these will be covered from a scriptural perspective so you can take this information and be informed when discussing these issues in class or with friends.

Many of us love fashion, but we also like make-up and hair, right? Fashion and Beauty is breaking off into two separate columns to give us more of what we like! Style Sense is going to cover head-to-toe fashions and our beauty column will discuss hair, skin, and nails. Fun, fun!

We all like behind-the-scenes looks into people’s real lives, right? Just for Today is a new blog about my life outside the magazine. Come, take a look, and I think you just might find that we’re more alike than you realized.

As a thank-you to our readers, we are going to begin hosting a give-away each month. This month we will be giving away a few beauty products, so check our beauty article this month for details.

New direction

Do you have a friend you’d love to discuss the Bible with, but don’t know where to start? Spread the Word is going to tell you how! Topics such as baptism and the Lord’s Supper will be presented here, in ways that will make it easier for you to speak with friends about biblical topics.

I don’t know about you, but I love to soak up the wisdom of women older than me. Words of Wisdom is still going to be here this year, but with a new name, Heart to Heart (taken from the name of an old column). Those women will have heart-to-heart talks with us each month, and we want the name to reflect that.

Gifted Girls is growing, too. We’re having themes of photos you can send in every month to be posted on the magazine, from cards to hemp jewelry, and more! Check here each month to find new ideas from young women that you can try at home yourself.

Friends is also taking a new and exciting direction! Last year had great articles that covered the foundation of friendship, and this year we’re going to focus more on having fun with friends, from anti-Superbowl parties to group Valentine’s Day get-togethers, and more.

We have several other columns that are headed in the same direction as before, but with newer, more interesting names, so stay tuned!

Same old

The rest of the Pierce My Heart columns are continuing to grow, but are headed in similar directions as before. We like that, because we don’t change just to change – we improve what needs improved, and keep the rest!

You can subscribe to the magazine, on the right-hand side of the page, to receive your favorite articles in your inbox the day they’re posted! Don’t forget about the Facebook Fan Club. You can join, and invite all of your Facebook friends to join too!

Our January desktop image is up, and our old ones are still there, so check out our Media Page and choose your favorite image to save as your desktop this month!


So you can have an immediate reference of when new articles are posted (or to check out our new columns), I’m including a list so you know when to visit the site for your favorite columns! On days when normal articles won’t appear, blog posts will, so be sure to check back often.

Jan 1: In this Issue
Jan 2: Gifted Girls
Jan 3: Devotional
Jan 4: Daily Bible Reading
Jan 5: Ask A Guy
Jan 6: Media Matters
Jan 7: Tough Stuff
Jan 9: Style Sense
Jan 10: Dating
Jan 11: Friends
Jan 13: Cooking Corner
Jan 14: Generation Gap
Jan 15: In the World
Jan 21: Beauty
Jan 22: Heart to Heart
Jan 23: Desktop Delight
Jan 24: A Girl Like You
Jan 26: Top Ten
Jan 27: Helping Hands
Jan 28: Spread the Word
Jan 30: Health and Fitness
Jan 31:Beauty contest winner announced!

Your renewal

Put on your favorite cozy outfit, make yourself a hot drink, sit back, and enjoy these articles, as you allow your heart to be pierced anew this winter.

Renewed in Him,

Davonne Parks

Davonne Parks