Deals and Steals: More Bang for Your Browsing

Search & WinIn the process of finding great deals, online and in-store, I do a lot of web searching. And I get a lot of deals. But what if I could be rewarded with deals just for searching on the Internet? I recently discovered that I can! Simply by searching from the Swagbucks home page, which uses Google and as its search engine, I can earn “swagbucks” just for browsing online.

Now, I’ve known many of these “great deals” to be not so great. They actually turn out to be more of a hassle. But Swagbucks is so simple—and that’s what I like. After registering on their site, you simply start searching. Checking out eBay? Type it in to the Swagbucks search engine. Looking at the weekly Target ad? Get there via Swagbucks. By making Swagbucks my homepage, I use it to do all my searching.

You may be wondering why I would take this extra step to search. I do it for the bucks—swagbucks, that is. Randomly throughout your searching, you are awarded swagbucks–$1-5, $10, even $100 (haven’t seen that one yet!). Where it gets really simple compared to other award search sites is in the redemption of bucks. When you’ve reached a Swagbuck amount that will gain you a “prize” you’d like to purchase, simply click on the Swag Store link, and it will take you to a page where you can browse for prizes. From t-shirts and cell phone applications to gift cards (my favorite!), there are prizes for everyone. Follow the directions for obtaining your prize, then keep your remaining bucks and start accumulating again.

Search & WinIf you’re going to be online searching anyway, why not be rewarded for it with little effort on your part? Register at and start being paid to search.

By Lisa Grimenstein

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– Davonne Parks