Marriage: The Little Things

Marriage1How many times have we told our husbands that the little things mean so much? Most of us would love to receive flowers, cards, phone calls, a back rub, a few minutes to relax while he does the dishes or puts the kids in bed… The list could go on forever! Well, how many little things are we doing for our husbands? Most of them don’t care about flowers or phone calls, but it’s easy to become so focused on what we’d like to receive that we forget to think about what he’d like us to give.

If you know your husband’s love language or top needs, then you’re already well on your way to being able to effectively do little things to make him feel loved. If you have no clue what I’m talking about, then I highly recommend reading the books The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman, and His Needs, Her Needs by Willard F. Harley, Jr. These books cover the fact that people receive and express love in different ways, and tell how to learn your spouse’s love language and top needs so you can express love in a way that he’ll hear. (While these are two great books to have on hand, if you’re financially strained, look at your church or public library for copies to borrow.)

Depending on your husband’s love language, some of the following ideas are going to make him feel more loved than others, so try a variety of them to see what works for your relationship.

Acts of love

1. Have dinner ready when he gets home from work.
2. Greet him at the door with a smile and a kiss.
3. Leave a short love note next to his toothbrush.
4. Have the house straightened up by the time he comes home, or before he wakes up on a Saturday.
5. Let him sleep in on a day off work while you take the kids outside to play.
6. Give him his favorite snack and soda with the remote and tell him to relax while you put the kids in bed.
7. Borrow a movie he’s been wanting to watch, and put it in the DVD player, then watch it with him.
8. Thank him for something he did that you normally take for granted.
9. Do a job at home that’s normally his.
Marriage310. Pick up his favorite snack at the store.
11. Get a sitter for the kids and take him out on a date (make sure it’s an activity he likes).
12. Bring him breakfast in bed.
13. Pack his lunch, and include a note or scripture on his napkin.
14. Ask him to pray with you.
15. Dress up, even if you’re just staying home. Wear a nice outfit, style your hair, put on make-up and perfume–the whole works!
16. Snuggle up to him when you’re vegging out in front of the TV together.
17. Plan a game night for just the two of you, complete with board games, snacks, cards, etc.
18. Walk up to him and hug him without talking.
19. Wash his car (or drive it through a car wash) and fill it up with gas.
20. Do something you know he’s been putting off.
21. Buy him a CD or movie he wants.
22. Rub his back.
23. Have something (a computer game, book, pack of golf balls, etc.) shipped to his office.
24. Place a list of the top ten things you love about him in his Bible or another book he’s reading.
25. Grab, and hold onto, his hand when you’re walking together.
26. Turn off the TV, get off the computer, close the books, and focus on him.
27. Get his clothes ready for him while he’s in the shower.
28. Text or e-mail him to tell him how great you think he is.
29. Work on respecting him, as we’re told to do in Ephesians 5:22-23.
30. Tell him how much he means to you.

By Davonne Parks