Spring Clean: How To

jft8aNow that you’re prepared to clean your room, let’s get started!

The cleaning

Turn on the music you’ve chosen and, if it’s nice out, open the windows. This will help you get in a cleaning mood. Start in your chosen area, and make sure your cleaning supplies are nearby. Pull everything out of your intended cleaning spot. Even if you’re planning on keeping the item, take it off the shelf, out of the drawer, etc. Then clean the area with your cleaning wipes (or if it’s under your bed, vacuum it).

Now it’s time to make a decision! Since everything is already pulled out, you’ll find that it’s much easier to get rid of it––it’s either toss or make a place to put it away (remember that if you put it away, you’re going to have to go through it the next time you clean out your room). If there’s a t-shirt that hasn’t fit you since middle school, put it in your giveaway bag. Shoes that give your feet blisters every time you wear them? Get rid of them! Maybe you have old school papers crammed into a drawer somewhere––glance through them and toss anything that isn’t very sentimental. (Maybe you want to keep that poem or painting, but seriously, who needs a copy of every math test they’ve taken?!) Try giving yourself a limit for sentimental items––for example, “I can keep ten old books”––then get rid of any children’s books that weren’t among your ten favorites. This will help to keep clutter down, and it will make those ten books you are keeping even more special.

As soon as one trash bag is filled up, tie it and label a new bag so you won’t be tempted to go through it. If you’re not sure about something, toss it in your unsure box––that’s what it’s there for! Don’t waste precious time, energy, or momentum thinking about something you can easily do later.

Once you’ve decided what to keep, put the items neatly back into the area you’ve just cleaned, if they belong there. If anything you’ve taken out belongs elsewhere in your room, just put those things on your made bed until you’re ready for them. Now that your designated first place is organized, take a moment to look at it and enjoy what you’ve done! Then move on to the other areas in your room. Work quickly, efficiently, and refuse to get distracted by things you’ve forgotten you have––remember that you can enjoy those items after they’ve been put away where they belong!

Once you’re done cleaning out all areas of your room (including jewelry boxes, nightstand drawers, and dresser tops), neatly put away the items you’ve placed on your bed. This should be fairly easy to do since you’ve already completed the work of placing like items together and organizing everything.

After the clean

jft8bNow it’s time for the “unsure” box. Since your room now looks pretty and is well organized, this should be easy. Many of those items you originally thought you may want to keep might now be easy to toss. Go through this box as quickly as you can. If you have to think awhile about whether or not to keep it, it’s probably something to get rid of. Ask yourself if you need, love, or use the item in the box. If the answer is “no,” add it to your giveaway bag. Someone who does need, love, or can use the item may have it.

Go through your organized bedroom with a dusting rag and vacuum cleaner to finish the job––this will give the room a fresh feel and scent in just a few minutes. Put away the items in your last box––the box specifically for items that belong somewhere else in the house. Then, run the trash bags outside and put them in the trash can.

After that, place the giveaway bags in your vehicle (or ask a parent if you can put them in theirs). Then take the giveaway bags somewhere––a woman’s shelter, Goodwill, etc. Try to do this as soon as possible, or the bags may end up riding around with you for weeks.

Now that your space is clean, and you’re probably feeling renewed (Psalm 51:10), stop at the library on the way home from dropping off your giveaway items, then head to your room with your book and enjoy relaxing in your (spring) cleaned bedroom!

By Davonne Parks


  1. Thanks for the tips and the motivation to clean!

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