Spring Clean: Preparation

jft7aPsalm 51:10 “Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.”

Spring is a time of freshness and renewal. So let’s refresh our rooms!


To clean out your bedroom, you’ll need several trash bags, a permanent marker, two laundry baskets or boxes, cleaning wipes, and a vacuum cleaner. Label one bag “trash” and one bag “giveaway” with the marker. One box will be used for items you come across that belong somewhere else in the house––instead of wasting time putting items away as you find them, and getting distracted in the process, you can just toss them in the box and put everything away at the same time as soon as you’re done going through your room. The other box is for “unsure” items. If you can’t decide whether to keep or get rid of something, don’t waste time mulling over it while you’re cleaning––just throw it into your “unsure” box ––we’ll come back to this later.


Decide where to begin. You can go about this two ways.

One way is to choose the most dreaded place in your room––does the thought of cleaning out your closet overwhelm you? Start there! Maybe it’s a bookshelf that’s full of childhood knick-knacks and books. Or maybe you haven’t been able to see more than three inches under your bed in years. Start in whichever place feels like the worst place. You’ll have a fresh mind to clean instead of being worn out from doing everything else first. Once you tackle that spot, you’ll feel like you can accomplish anything, and the rest of your room will be easy to clean in no time!

The other way to decide where to start is to simply choose a random spot. Maybe your nightstand drawer will be really easy to organize but you just haven’t taken the time to do it. Do that first! If your dresser seems like a good place to begin, do it. The important thing is to start somewhere––it really doesn’t matter where. Just pick a spot, and determine that you’ll stick with it until it’s done. If it helps you to stay on task, set a timer, and try to get done within that amount of time.

jft7bYou can also choose some upbeat, appropriate music to have ready for the actual cleaning.  This will help you stay motivated to keep moving.


Keep in mind that like items should be grouped together––all t-shirts get hung up or placed in a drawer. Separating them will just add to a cluttered feeling in your space. If you have a desk, place all pencils, paper, scissors, etc. into a drawer, or corralled with like objects. Put things where they’ll be used. If you put your make-up on at your vanity every day, keep your make-up in a vanity drawer. The easier things are to get to, the more likely you’ll be to put them away when you’re done using them.

Prepare your room and your mind for cleaning today. Tomorrow we’ll post cleaning suggestions.

By Davonne Parks

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