Closet Cleanup

Many Christians would love to start helping other people who aren’t able to do certain things. However, many don’t know where to start, or are too shy, and they often ask, “How do I start?” or “What if I can’t afford it?” There is one place we can begin. We can start by encouraging our shut-ins and the sick in our congregations. We can let them know that we’re there for them, that we miss them, and that we can’t wait to see them worshiping with us again.

To help out and spark ideas of your own, we have come up with some easy, cheap ways to help other Christians stay encouraged! For every issue of this part of the magazine, we’ll come up with projects to help, encourage, love, and get to know other people. We won’t leave anyone hanging—we’ll do the projects ahead of time to make sure that they’re exactly what they’re supposed to be—encouragement to others!

Our first project—and a great way to kick off the summer—is cleaning out one of our closets. Since I (Alyssa) came up with this idea, we cleaned out mine—and what an adventure it was! It was like Christmas! We found things of mine that I forgot I had!

To start, I suggest making three sorting piles. First, have an area designated for donation. This is a great category to have when you’re cleaning out your closets, or any other area of your house. Be realistic about what you can do without. Are you really going to wear that outdated skirt again? Does it even fit? If you plan on fitting into it in a year, will you even want it then? One of the best questions: Will you really miss it if it’s gone? And most of these questions can apply to more than just clothes. How about all those random papers you can’t seem to get rid of? Can you at least compile the information? Next, have a stack for keeping. Make sure it all has a purpose or significance. And it needs to fit back neatly where you’re going to put it. If there’s anything that goes elsewhere in the house, get it back to where it belongs. The third area is very simple: a trash bag. Throw stuff away! This includes anything that is not worthy of donating. If you really wouldn’t want something in its condition, no one else will either. Toss, toss, toss.

After we cleaned out my closet, we took our donation pile to the Goodwill. There are other places you can donate besides this—children’s homes, women’s shelters, clothing drives, and more. Check out your area for places collecting specific items. If your parents can’t take you right away, wait until they’re going out and ask for a ride. If you had a friend help you with the project, you can ask that friend if her parents can take you instead. Like we said, this project is very simple to start the summer out with, doesn’t take too much planning, is very cheap, and is absolutely worth the rewards!

“Go your way selling whatever you have and give to the poor and you will have a treasure in heaven; And come, take up the cross, and follow me.” Mark 10: 21

By Alyssa Sturgill and Rebekah Davis

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