Be My Valentine

helpinghands1Everyone loves to feel loved. And what better month to show others God’s love than the month of Valentine’s Day. After several busy months of larger projects, we’re going to spend February focusing on a simple gesture of love. Not toward your sweetheart, siblings, or even parents. Let’s share God’s love by sending Valentine’s to people who may have once received them, but may not anymore. I’m talking about widows, widowers, and older folks who often get lost in this holiday-of-love shuffle.

You may already have someone in mind who has lost a spouse, or who may spend this holiday alone. There may be several people at church, someone on your street, or a teacher at school. Choose several people to make a card for. If you don’t know anyone personally, consider making several non-specific Valentine cards for several people at a local nursing home.

I can’t remember many times in childhood that were more fun than making my Valentine’s in preparation for this exciting holiday. Gather your art supplies—glitter, glue, scissors, markers, anything—and some colorful paper, and let your creativity flow! I remember cut-outs, pop-ups, glitter heart stickers—anything to make your card truly original. If you’re having trouble getting started, visit Love To Know or HGTV to spark your own creativity. And don’t forget to check out our card-making article.

Although you may have more fun making the cards than you could have imagined, the real fun comes when you are helpinghands2finished and you get to deliver the cards to their recipients. I think there is a special feeling in seeing older people realize that on a holiday when so many are thinking about young love, someone was thinking about them. You may want to include a simple, single flower—or inexpensive bouquet—or some homemade cookies or bread (remember to consider possible dietary restrictions). Although they will be blessed to receive a card, you will be the one who is truly blessed in sharing God’s love with others.

– Lisa Grimenstein

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