Card Making


1. Gather (or buy from the dollar store) some construction paper
2. Gather colored pencils, markers, or crayons
3. Have friends help out
4. Have someone in mind (either a sick person or a shut-in from church, or a neighbor or friend) that you can send the card to
5. Get creative…and begin!!

Card Making Ideas

When making cards for shut-ins or sick people, put words or pictures that encourage the person or make them smile. Mention that you’re thinking about them (and obviously you are if you’re sending them a card!) and that you hope they feel better or that things will improve for them. Get really creative with your card! For example, since it’s December, you could include some Christmas pictures. Draw a picture of a Christmas tree or Christmas lights to brighten up your card. Those of you who are really adventurous could draw mistletoe or a reindeer. You could even cut out pictures and paste them onto your card! Snowflakes are a great illustration that will last the entire season.


If you cut out pictures and paste them onto your card, make sure that you clean up; if you’re leaving them to dry and want to get them out of the way, don’t set them on top of each other…they’ll stick together (and we don’t want that)!


Card pictured above was made by Miss Jane Isaacs.  Card below was created by Davonne Parks.  Click on all images to enlarge.

Future note

If you’ve made anything using hemp, please submit a photo of it to us, by December 15, for use in our January 2009 article.

By Alyssa Sturgill

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