Top Ten Ways to Renew Yourself

cookingcornermainThis month, as well as doing things to help others, we can also take the time to renew our own spirits (Psalm 51:10). Choose your favorite items from this list to do when you have the opportunity, or do one new activity every few days until you’ve completed the list (then start over if you want to!).

10) Cook something fun.

9) Watch a clean movie.

8 ) Organize a space in your bedroom.

7) Focus on, and enjoy, your own uniqueness.

6) Allow your creativity to flow by making something like jewelry or a poster.

5) Have fun with your family.

4) Renew your skin by giving yourself a facial.

toptenjan3) Enjoy a hot drink while reading at a leisurely pace.

2) Write down your thoughts, dreams, goals, and prayers in a pretty journal.

1) Take your time meditating on a portion of His Word.

By Davonne Parks

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