Resolving to Read

Welcome to the new year! It’s a time of relaxation, renewal, and…resolutions. I’m sure you’ve been working on your list of habits to break, or establish, in your everyday life. Although I love the freshness of the new year, it can also bring on a challenging endeavor: to actually accomplish all of these new resolutions. While you may include exercising more, eating healthier, or getting better grades on this year’s To-Do list, I want to challenge you to not overlook one of the most important habits of all––spending time in God’s word. And while this may be a chore at first, I hope that it will soon become the one resolution you actually look forward to (unless you happen to love running and giving up sweets!). For those of you who have already been committed to reading your Bible daily, then begin the year by resolving to continue, even when life is busy and other things seem more important. And congratulations on already accomplishing the most difficult part of many resolutions, which is to start!

This year, Pierce My Heart is including a link to the Bible reading plan for the year so that you can glance ahead more easily than before. We’ll start with two very relevant topics for this time of year––the newness of Creation and life of man in Genesis, and the introduction of a new way to salvation beginning with the birth of Jesus Christ in Matthew.

Like most resolutions, made any time of year, you may have a difficult time reading your Bible daily. While I want to encourage you to find a time and place that works best for your schedule, and to stick with it, I also do not want you to be discouraged when you miss a day or two––or five. Read to catch up, or just start up on whichever day it is. As with many resolutions, there is no harm in re-resolving if and when you fall out of habit.

This year, while we struggle to stay on top of the many resolutions we may make, let’s resolve to keep one in the forefront of our hearts and minds––spending time daily with God.

The Plan

This year’s Bible reading plan was borrowed from To correspond with the 2009 year, we have included actual dates for your referral. You can print the list below to keep in your Bible, or you may choose to use the above site, so that you can read from your favorite Bible version online.

JAN 4 Rom 1-2
JAN 5 Gen 1-3
JAN 6 Josh 1-5
JAN 7 Ps 1-2
JAN 8 Job 1-2
JAN 9 Isa 1-6
JAN 10 Matt 1-2
JAN 11 Rom 3-4
JAN 12 Gen 4-7
JAN 13 Josh 6-10
JAN 14 Ps 3-5
JAN 15 Job 3-4
JAN 16 Isa 7-11
JAN 17 Matt 3-4
JAN 18 Rom 5-6
JAN 19 Gen 8-11
JAN 20 Josh 11-15
JAN 21 Ps 6-8
JAN 22 Job 5-6
JAN 23 Isa 12-17
JAN 24 Matt 5-7
JAN 25 Rom 7-8
JAN 26 Gen 12-15
JAN 27 Josh 16-20
JAN 28 Ps 9-11
JAN 29 Job 7-8
JAN 30 Isa 18-22
JAN 31 Matt 8-10

By Lisa Grimenstein


  1. Holly Jewart says

    I think that this reading was very powerful and it really means a lot to me cause it really puts everything in a nut shell that is going on around me. The only thing I’m confused on is that god doesn’t want to punish people and he does not abandon people. I do not know if everyone feels this way about god but i do and i do not agree with the romans on think god abandons them. When they talk about people who are evil and think evil i agree with all of that because today there are people exactly like that with no true reason why and that frustrates me.

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