Top 10 Ways to Give Freely

‘Tis the season to give. During this time of year, many people are talking about buying presents to give, but we have so much more to give than just the things we buy. Often, the more creative and thoughtful things mean so much more than something you pick up on a shelf. So this top 10 is going to help us give meaningfully.

10.) Make your own Christmas cards. It is a way to get into the spirit of the season and show people you care.

9.) Make cookies and give them to the shut-ins.

8. ) Volunteer your time and energy to community projects. There are tons of projects to help the less fortunate during this time, so get involved.

7.) Give your time. I know you’re busy, but so is everyone else––so give some of your free time to others to help them have some free time. Baby-sit some of the children from church so their parents can do some Christmas shopping or planning without having to worry about their children.

6.) Give your love. Show your family how much you love them by helping them out in special ways––show them you appreciate them.

5.) Give to the youth. As one of the older girls at church or in your neighborhood, do something with the younger girls to encourage them. Hint: Do number 9 on this list––make cookies and take them to shut-ins together.

4.) Give the gift of prayer. Pray for all the less fortunate during this time (and all year long).

3.) Give your knowledge. Right now is nearing the end of the semester and everyone has tests coming up––help everyone, and yourself, by studying with others.

2.) Give your joy. When you’re in a joyful mood, it can help others be in a joyful mood.

1.) Give God’s word. Share God’s word with everyone you see––people are more open to it during this time.

-Kim Cook

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