Fun Fact Friday: Play-Doh

FFFSept18September 18 is National Play-Doh Day!

Play-Doh started out at one color (off-white) in a 1.5-pound can. By 1983, there were eight colors, and in 2006, Play-Doh’s 50th anniversary was celebrated with 50 different colors of Play-Doh!

If your play-doh starts to dry out, there’s hope in reviving it! Just wrap it in a damp paper towel and return it to its container overnight. Or, you can knead water, one drop at a time, into the play-doh until it returns to its original state.

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Go here to browse play-doh recipes you can make at home. You can also look through this page for ideas on making your own play-doh creations (I love the cupcake!).

What’s your favorite thing about play-doh?

– Davonne Parks

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