Fun Fact Friday, Coming Soon!

fff1Welcome to Fun Fact Friday! Lisa had the idea to post a random, fun fact every Friday, and I gladly took her idea and ran with it! We’d love for you to join us each Friday as we share a fun fact you can share with your friends and kids. Many weeks will also have a craft or activity idea to go with the fact, and almost every week will include a link to a full article about the fact so you can learn more if you’re interested.

We hope that you don’t just read the posts, though. We’re going to include a question at the end of each fact, and we’d love for you be involved in our Fun Fact Fridays by leaving a comment or linking to a post you’ve written that answers the question. Hopefully we’ll all learn several interesting facts, and gather many activity ideas to share with our families.

Check back soon for our first ever Fun Fact Friday!

– Davonne Parks

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