No Excuses

jft3We are all sinners (Romans 3:23). But how often do we try to excuse our sin? As a mom, I expect my sons to obey me. Immediately, completely, without argument or complaint. I’m their parent, and it saddens me when they are disobedient.

But how often do we complain or argue about being obedient to our Parent? Sometimes, we just look the other way and completely ignore the command put in front of us. Sometimes, we tell our Father that we’ll get to it in a minute. Later, we say. Or we give it a half-hearted effort, only partly doing what He requests in His word. Imagine how that saddens Him.

I don’t give my children rules and commands in order to punish them or control their lives. I do it to train them and help them grow, in the hopes that they will ultimately desire to live obediently for God. In this same way, God desires for us to grow up in Him, and He gives us His Holy Spirit to strengthen and help us (Philippians 1:19).

Too often, even with my children and husband, I’m tempted to rationalize my sin if I react impatiently or selfishly to a situation. But does anything really excuse my sin? No. God doesn’t include “exclusions” in His Word. Just as with my children, disobedience is disobedience, regardless of how I might try to excuse it. We will never learn anything about obedience if we think we have the right to excuse ourselves from it. Let’s pray that we’re reminded of that the next time we’re tempted to tell God, “Later.”

By Lisa Grimenstein

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