Happily Ever After

jft12I love fairytales. I love movies with happy endings, stories that conclude with “happily ever after,” and tales of true love. These types of stories may be “unrealistic” to some, but I thoroughly enjoy them…and I believe I now see why!

The Bible is like a love letter from God. We read plainly, “For God so loved the world…” in John 3:16, and, “…He loved us…” in 1 John 4:10; therefore we know that God loves us. If you get a handwritten letter––even a short card––in the mail, you feel appreciated and loved, don’t you? Well, God’s given you a whole Book (2 Timothy 3:16). In that Book, He tells us what obedience is, how we are saved, and how we can live with God and Jesus eternally one day.

Jesus, our Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6), died for us. He loved us so much––enough to give everything for us (Hebrews 2:17)––in order that we could be forgiven of our sins (1 John 4:10), and be given a home with Him some day (Mark 8:34; 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17).

Doesn’t this remind you of the beautiful fairytales we love so much? Well, guess what…it’s not a fairytale! We can live life knowing that He will return for us. How wonderful it is that we have such a Prince from God, with whom we can live “happily ever after” someday.

By Hannah Smith

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