Backyard sports!

friends1Tons of fun can come out of playing backyard sports—football/flag football, ultimate frisbee, wiffle ball, tennis, volleyball, basketball, soccer, and even ultimate football. Each sport has its own set of rules, own way of having fun, and own techniques in playing.

Playing the game

Planning when to play the game is the most important part. Most of us don’t want to play wiffle ball or football outside in the snow . The many places you can play theses sports are at graduation parties, church drop-ins, birthday parties, or just whenever you want to play. When deciding which game to play you need to check the weather. If it’s beautiful outside you could play any of the games I listed above, and if it rains or snows you can play certain games inside, like volleyball or basketball.


Unlike high school football, backyard football doesn’t involve wearing gear like shoulder pads or leg pads; instead, you only have your clothes to protect you from the tackles. When it’s chilly outside you may want extra layers, like an underarmor shirt underneath your regular t-shirt, or long sleeves. If it’s hot outside you’ll want to wear a simple tee shirt and a pair of shorts.

Picking the team

When picking who you want on your team, don’t just choose your best friend. Choose other people to be your teammates so you can get to know them better. Remember to keep a good attitude–regardless of whether you win or lose, everyone should be a good sport and enjoy playing the game while growing closer together.

By Michelle Jane


  1. Great job, Michelle Jane! I usually don’t put thought into things like this, but you reminded me of how much fun these games can be. Thanks !

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