The Beginning of Knowledge

dbr2Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. (Colossians 3:2)

This month’s theme is centered around our college edition of Pierce My Heart. Naturally, when we think of college, we think of higher learning. But it’s important for us to think of the greatest learning we could focus on––God’s Word.

Not only is our reading for this month filled with Proverbs and scripture about the importance of learning God’s Word and keeping it in our hearts (Deuteronomy 11:18), but it also includes everything important we would ever need to know. The information given in the Bible is eternal information––not just something we memorize when cramming for a test, only to forget it as we walk out the door afterward. In school, I was the Queen of Cram. I could look at something and have it memorized quickly. But how much did I retain from that short-term memorization?

Psalm 77:12 tells us that David meditated on God’s works. We’re also told in Psalm 1:2 and Joshua 1:8 to meditate on His Word day and night (emphasis mine). That’s not just reading. That’s not just short-term memorization. That’s keeping it in our hearts and minds for good.

Colossians 1:9–11 says that we should pray for God to fill us “with the knowledge of His will through all spiritual wisdom and understanding.” This is the wisdom and understanding we should ultimately be striving to attain.

Of course, Proverbs is overflowing with scripture on the importance of knowledge and godly wisdom. We are told that “the fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding (9:10) and that wise men store up knowledge (10:14). As crazy as it sounds, Proverbs also tells us that a wise person loves correction (discipline) in 12:1: “Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but he who hates correction is stupid.” Pretty blunt, huh?

We’ve talked before about the importance of actual Bible study, and not just Bible reading. There are many times, especially in the busyness of school, when we feel we only have time to catch a chapter or two of Scripture here or there, but we need to remember that God’s Word is the most important Book we could ever study (Deuteronomy 4:10), and in this case, cramming is not going to cut it.

“Hear my words so that [you] may learn to revere me as long as [you] live.” (Deuteronomy 4:10)

dbr1By Lisa Grimenstein

Suggested Reading for July

JULY 1 Ps 75-77
JULY 2 Prov 7
JULY 3 Ezek 13-18
JULY 4 Luke 15-16
JULY 5 Phil 3-4
JULY 6 Lev 10-12
JULY 7 2 Kings 1-5
JULY 8 Ps 78-80
JULY 9 Prov 8-9
JULY 10 Ezek 19-24
JULY 11 Luke 17-18
JULY 12 Col 1-2
JULY 13 Lev 13-15
JULY 14 2 Kings 6-10
JULY 15 Ps 81-83
JULY 16 Prov 10
JULY 17 Ezek 25-30
JULY 18 Luke 19-20
JULY 19 Col 3-4
JULY 20 Lev 16-18
JULY 21 2 Kings 11-15
JULY 22 Ps 84-86
JULY 23 Prov 11-12
JULY 24 Ezek 31-36
JULY 25 Luke 21-22
JULY 26 1 Thes 1-3
JULY 27 Lev 19-21
JULY 28 2 Kings 16-20
JULY 29 Ps 87-89
JULY 30 Prov 13
JULY 31 Ezek 37-42

This year’s Bible reading plan was borrowed from (To correspond with the 2009 year, we have included actual dates for your referral. You may choose to use the above site, instead.)

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