Style in the Workplace: Casual Settings

ss61 Corinthians 6:19 “Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own.”

Summer is approaching, and whether you’re graduating high school or college, getting a new summer job, or staying at a job you already have, you’ll need clothes for work. However, even your basic khakis don’t have to be bland, and your classy black suit doesn’t have to cost hundreds. You can look stylish and presentable, even on a budget. With any job, research and ask about the company dress code. While some jobs may only require the same look each day (and possibly provide you with the uniform), others will simply have guidelines (dress pants, closed-toed shoes, button-down shirt) or may require you to wear clothing purchased (usually at an employee discount) from their store. You may also be able to purchase that store’s clothing (if required) at consignment shops, or on eBay, or by shopping the store’s clearance rack.

In this time of economic difficulty, you may not be able to find the “perfect” job you’ve always wanted. While it’s great to find a job you can enjoy, it’s important to remember that you should work as for God and not men, being diligent and having integrity, regardless of how “insignificant” your job may seem, or whether it allows you to wear the clothes you want to wear (Proverbs 10:9a). Not only is this attitude pleasing to God but it will also be noticed by others in the workplace.

Casual work wear

Many companies you work for may have a very casual dress code. However, this does not mean wearing your t-shirt and jeans to work every day.

Pants––Khakis are a great staple for the casual workplace. Depending on the “uniform” guidelines, I would have several pairs (unless there is a certain color you are to wear). A darker camel or brown color also works well. For extra versatility, keep the style as simple as possible––no big pockets, embellishments, or ultra-flared legs.

Merona® Pocket Chino––Target

Merona® Pocket Chino––Target

Shirts––Again, same rules apply as with the office workplace. Keep it modest! There is generally more flexibility here when shopping for casual work shirts, however. Make sure you check with your employer’s dress code as to whether you need a specific color (red, pastel) or style (polo).

Jeans––The trouser jean has been a great addition to a girl’s wardrobe. In a dark color, these jeans can create a very put-together look, while keeping a sense of casualness. They should have a trouser fit––not too tight, but not loose and baggy––and should be a dark denim color. They should also not be too long, or else they start to look sloppy. As the name suggests, they are trousers made out of denim material––the fit should reflect that.

Chaps Trouser Jeans––Kohl’s

Chaps Trouser Jeans––Kohl’s

Shoes––Unless you’re working a very casual job (read: babysitting), flip-flops are not going to cut it for work. However, there are many styles that will. A wedge heel is great if you want some height, or the currently popular (and often inexpensive!) flats are a perfect option––especially if you’re on your feet all day.

Stay Tuned

Later, we’ll discuss office attire, including tips and stores about purchasing different pieces, so check back!

By Lisa Grimenstein

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