Today’s Kind Deed

extra2It’s easy to get so busy and caught up in our own lives that we can forget to help others around us. I suggest committing to do one kind thing for someone every day. The concept is old, but it’s still a good one! Once you begin to get in the habit of helping others, you’ll find the opportunities come easily, since you’ll be looking for them, and many kind deeds can be accomplished in just a few minutes.

Kind deed ideas

1) Let someone go ahead of you. If you’re waiting in line at the store with your arms full of items to purchase, and there’s someone behind you with just a few things, let him go first. You’ll only have to wait a few extra minutes, and it might make his day.

2) Straighten up something. Maybe the living room is covered in a younger sibling’s toys––put them away! Or load the dishwasher, or put toiletry items in the bathroom.

3) Speak to someone new. The new girl in your youth group or at school may need a friend, so be one! Go up to her and start a friendly conversation. You may end up making a new friend.

The possibilities are endless! Pray that God will open your heart to helping others; then have fun serving Him by doing a kind deed every day for someone else (Matthew 25:40).

By Davonne Parks

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