My Mama

Hannah's Mama“I’m becoming my mother!” is often an exclamation a woman can be heard saying at a point in her life where she stops everything and realizes, well, that she is a lot like her mother! I’ve heard it said with a shock and sometimes with a sigh, but as I say it now, I say it with a smile! My mother is the best woman I know, and seeing now that I mirror her in even only a few ways, without even noticing it, is a blessing in disguise.

As you can see in the photo, Mama can be silly sometimes! This is one of my favorite things about her! She might get confused as I’m telling a story, start giggling, and end up asking me to start over, or she might make a funny face at me in the mall, but I love that she can be silly, and still be classy. Never have I seen my mother be wild or inappropriate; she knows how to have a laughter-filled time while keeping a perfect level of respect for herself.

Although we see many women today get the attitude, “I’m Super-Woman; I don’t need anybody and I can get where I want to be all by myself,” I love that my mother doesn’t think like that. She is the perfect example to me of the virtuous woman described in Proverbs 31:10–31. Mama is submissive to my father, who is the good Christian leader of our household. She makes food for the family, cares for each of us, loves each of us, but even more amazingly, she is the same way to everyone else.

I’ve never met a woman who is more caring and sympathetic to those in need. She never brags about the things she does, or makes a point to tell anyone; she just does these things because she wants to be the kind of Christian woman God wants! She bakes bread, cookies, or meals for the sick, widowed, or lonely. She makes cards and sends them to anyone who may need a smile. She will listen to those who just need someone to talk to––and she truly listens! With all these things she does, she remains more humble than you could ever imagine. I am confident that God is very pleased with her, and will continue to do good works through her!

Hannah's Mam and HannahI often think of how wonderful my mother is, and how often I fail to tell her that, or show her how thankful I am. I think back on times when I have failed to be the Christian daughter and young woman God wanted of me. But one thing I know is that only God could have created such a beautiful inside-out, tender-hearted person, and blessed me enough to make her my mother. I could never imagine a day without hearing her voice, asking her advice, or just hugging her. God is incomprehensibly generous and kind to allow me to have a mother like her. I love you, Mama, and I hope and pray that I become more like you every day that God keeps me on this earth.

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By Hannah Smith


  1. My mom is a wonderful encourager and friend who always believes in me, and who loves me enough to gently correct me when I’m wrong.

  2. You are a sweet daughter, Davonne. I feel so blessed that God gave you to me. We truly have a special bond.

    My mother is very special to me too. She taught me how to take care of a home and how to raise children. She always took care of the needs of her family. I remember her spending endless hours in the summer, canning vegetables and fruits from our garden.

    She had a day for everything; laundry and ironing day, grocery store day, a day to pay the bills, cleaning day (always on Friday), and a baking day which was always on Saturday. Sunday was Lord’s day, so after we got home from church, she would prepare our meal, then all of the kids would wash the dishes so that Mother could rest for the afternoon before church services that night.

    We would follow Mother around and talk to her while she was baking, or ironing. We all cleaned with her on cleaning day. There were 5 of us children. Even with all those kids, we had a spotless home! We were expected to clean up after ourselves, and as a result, I think we are all great homemakers!

    We were taught to love and respect one another, and to this day, we encourage each other and we have never been jealous or mean to each other. She will be 80 years old this year and I am so thankful for her and cherish each moment I have with her!

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