Organic Cleaning Supplies

jft2Since this month’s theme is about caring for God’s creation, I thought I’d mention organic cleaning supplies. Whether you’re cleaning the kitchen for your mom, or scrubbing the bathroom in your dorm, you can help care for the earth, and your lungs, by using a few environmentally friendly cleaning products. Organic cleaners can be purchased at most stores, but since they tend to be expensive, I’ll include links to recipes for homemade products.

The Money Saving Mom has a great article about homemade cleaning supplies, including information, recipes, and links. Care 2 has recipes for glass cleaner, furniture polish, and more. Pioneer Thinking describes how to clean ovens, cobwebs, carpet, and hairbrushes with homemade supplies.

If you’re going to use homemade cleaning products, you may want to make your job more fun by putting your most used item in a pretty bottle! You can either make one yourself (along with a pretty cleaning rag), or purchase one.

Even if you just trade one normal cleaning product for homemade (such as using Club Soda instead of Windex), you’ll be doing something to help the environment. So roll up your sleeves, make a product, and get to work so you can enjoy an organically clean home!

By Davonne Parks


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