Top Ten Ways to Live up to Your Potential

tt210) Spend time alone. Figure out who you are in Christ, and what you want out of life.

9) Push your limits in a godly way. Try new things, challenge yourself, and prayerfully aim for high goals!

8 ) Take care of your body. We have more energy when we’re eating right and exercising, which will help us feel energized enough to make the most out of each day.

7) Treat others kindly. Treating others kindly can often help us to feel better about ourselves, which will encourage us to keep doing our best.

6) Refuse to get caught up in gossip. Gossip will not only hurt others, but it will bring us down as well, pulling us away from God’s purposes, and causing us to fall short of living up to His true potential for us.

5) Look for ways to help. The virtuous woman (a great example to all of us!) helped the needy in Proverbs 31:20, and using our own talents, we can help too. This will help us to discover our true potential, as well as bless others in the process.

4) Research what you’re interested in. Thinking about going to college for English or music? Look it up! Visit the library or search on google for more information. You can also ask questions, job shadow, or attend a college class that’s in your desired field. This may help you to either get more excited about your interests, or make you realize that you’re not quite as interested as you thought you were. If you discover that it’s not for you, research something else! Learning what we want to do is half the fun.

tt13) Write down your goals. Not only will this be fun to look back on later, but studies have shown that when we write down our goals in detail, we’re much more likely to accomplish them.

2) Surround yourself with positive, energetic people. The phrase, “You are who you associate with” has a lot of truth to it. If we’re around negative people, we tend to allow them to pull us down. If we’re around godly people who generally have a positive outlook on life, it will encourage us to do the same.

1) Seek His will. God wants us to be happy in Him. Above all, we need to prayerfully seek to make sure we’re living out His will for our lives, because He knows what’s best for us better than we know ourselves (1 Corinthians 1:25).

By Davonne Parks


  1. 🙂 I really like this. It’s not complicated; it’s simple–to read, to understand, to think about… Thanks for this pick-me-up. 😉

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