Sensible Substitutions

cc1This month our theme is “Pierce my heart to live up to Your potential for me.” (Psalm 139:14: “…I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Your works, And my soul knows it very well.”) We should try to live up to the full potential God has for us, including the potential to properly take care of our bodies. Sometimes it can seem difficult to find healthy foods that also taste good, so this month I’m providing you with a few suggestions for great alternatives to your favorite foods!

Everyone gets busy, but it’s better to choose an apple over a candy bar when you’re on the run, because very quickly you’re going to be tired from all that sugar (not to mention get hungry); the fruit will be sweet, too, but will give you healthy energy without the crash later. If you’re in high school, you know that school lunches aren’t always the healthiest, but there are some pretty neat ways to eat what you like and still be healthy.

Ideas for a packed lunch

Think of creative sandwich solutions: If you like to eat peanut butter and jelly, try using 100% whole grain bread instead of white, use fruit preserves instead of jelly, and if you’re going for the ultimate healthy PB&J, make it with reduced-fat peanut butter. Don’t like PB&J? If you prefer lunch meat in your sandwich, substitute white meat (turkey or chicken) for red meat (ham or salami), and add a little lettuce and tomato. Give yourself a few weeks to get used to the taste of whole grain bread, but if it just doesn’t grow on you, try white/wheat, which has some of the nutrients of whole grain, but more of the texture and flavor of white bread.

Make snacking fun: If you love junk food, think of healthy and sweet alternatives to your cakes and potato chips. Instead of potato chips, take pretzels; they are lower in fat and still salty. If you must go with chips, try some of the baked varieties or Sun Chips. Instead of cakes and candy, choose fruit and yogurt as a sweet and healthy option.

Mix up your drinks: I know most of us love soda, but there are alternatives that taste good and are better for you. Try plain water. It may sound dreadful, but your body will thank you for it later. If plain water sounds too boring, add a low-calorie mix, such as Crystal Light or Propel, or a squeeze of lemon or lime.

cc2Taking the time now to build healthy eating habits will pay off in the long run. Most importantly, you will be taking care of the body that God gave you.

Healthy recipes for school or home

Healthy Chinese Cuisine:
Baked Crab Rangoon
Chicken Lo Mein

Healthy All-American Cuisine:
Made-Over Cheeseburgers
Un-fried French Fries

Healthy Pasta:
Creamy Chicken, Bacon & Tomato Pasta
Cheesy Manicotti

Healthy and Yummy Desserts:
Four-Layer Dessert
Banana Pudding Squares

By Alexia Hammonds

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