Love Never Fails

dbr2The theme of love is one of the easiest to find examples of in Scripture. This month’s reading shows us several examples of the love Jesus taught.

In Romans and Isaiah, we are told of Israel’s rejection of God, but of God’s unwavering love for them. As many times as they disobey and turn their backs on Him, He continues to love them and desire a relationship with them. Although we may not commit the same sins as many Israelites committed, we daily disobey God, rejecting His promises for us; yet He continues to love us and desires our love and obedience toward Him.

An amazing example of obedience to God, even amid excruciating trials and pain, is Job. I am astounded by his faith in God’s love for him, even as he sits on the ground, scraping sores on his body and mourning the loss of his children. I only recently comprehended just how faithful He was, and how sure of God’s love he was. Although we are aware from chapter 1 of the unseen battle between God and Satan, Job is not. I think it would be easier to endure Job’s trials and pain if I knew that I was God’s wonderfully loved proof to Satan that there were obedient people on earth. However, Job remains faithful and refuses to curse God—even when encouraged to do so by his wife and friends—without ever knowing that God is confidently using him to prove a point to Satan. What amazing faith!

One of God’s most central commands, following the command to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength, is to love our neighbor as ourselves. Jesus states this to his critics in Matthew 22:37, and Paul reminds the church of this important commandment in Romans 13:9. Paul gives us several examples of this kind of love, in Romans 14:19: “Let us therefore make every effort to do what leads to peace and to mutual edification,” and in Romans 15:1-2: “We who are strong ought to bear with the failings of the weak and not to please ourselves. Each of us should please his neighbor for his good, to build him up.” It is often a hard thing to love our neighbors—friends, acquaintances, family, even our enemies—the way God commands; however, He makes it clear how important this law is. As we read this month, let’s focus on the many illustrations of love and ask God to help us love others in the way He desires.

By Lisa Grimenstein

Suggested February Reading

dbr1FEB 1 Rom 9-10
FEB 2 Gen 16-19
FEB 3 Josh 21-24
FEB 4 Ps 12-14
FEB 5 Job 9-10
FEB 6 Isa 23-28
FEB 7 Matt 11-13
FEB 8 Rom 11-12
FEB 9 Gen 20-23
FEB 10 Judg 1-6
FEB 11 Ps 15-17
FEB 12 Job 11-12
FEB 13 Isa 29-33
FEB 14 Matt 14-16
FEB 15 Rom 13-14
FEB 16 Gen 24-27
FEB 17 Judg 7-11
FEB 18 Ps 18-20
FEB 19 Job 13-14
FEB 20 Isa 34-39
FEB 21 Matt 17-19
FEB 22 Rom 15-16
FEB 23 Gen 28-31
FEB 24 Judg 12-16
FEB 25 Ps 21-23
FEB 26 Job 15-16
FEB 27 Isa 40-44
FEB 28 Matt 20-22

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