Making a Hemp Bracelet

Have you ever wanted to know how to make a hemp bracelet? By learning a few easy steps, you can learn to make and customize a bracelet to fit your personality.

Gather your materials

1) Hemp twine. If you are only making one or two bracelets, you can buy a small coil of hemp at JoAnn Fabrics or Walmart for about two dollars. If you are making more than two, you should buy a roll of hemp (at JoAnn Fabrics or Walmart for about seven dollars). Hemp is available in many different colors at almost any craft supply store.

2) Scissors. Make sure they are sharp enough to cut through hemp. Fiskars is a good, durable brand of scissors that will serve well for future crafts.

3) Safety pin. The safety pin is used to hold the hemp in place. A three-ring binder can also be used for this purpose.

4) Beads. Make sure that two strands of hemp can fit through the bead. You can also buy special clay to make your own beads.

Prepare materials

1) Cut two pieces of hemp. The first piece should be about six times the length of your wrist. My wrist is six inches around, so I must cut a thirty-six-inch piece. The second piece should be double the length of the first (in my case, 72 inches).

2) Make your loop. Do this by folding both pieces of hemp in half to make a crease, then tie the creased ends together to make a loop that is about a half-inch long.

3) Attach the safety pin to the loop and then to something sturdy, such as a chair, a pillow, or the knee of durable jeans you’re wearing. The shorter ends of the hemp should be in the middle.

4) Mark the end of the right strand with a marker or a piece of tape. The marked side is the first to be used for each knot.

Making the bracelet

1) Knot the hemp. Start with the strand that you marked. Bring the marked strand across the two middle strands. Then bring the marked strand under the left strand, forming a half circle on the right side. Next, bring the far left strand under the middle two strands and up through the half circle on the right. After that, pull the left and right strands tightly and that should form a square knot. Repeat the square knots until your bracelet is at the desired length.

2) Add beads. When you get to a point where you want to add beads, slide your beads up the two middle strands. You will then resume the square knot tying.

3) Tie the end of the bracelet. Tie four strands together in one knot. Make sure the final knot will fit through the beginning loop.

The next time you find yourself wanting to make a hemp bracelet, you will have the skills and ability to do so!

Future note

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By Chloe Parks

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