Simple Things

When we think of November, Thanksgiving is what usually comes to mind. It’s a time for families to be together over a wonderful meal while being thankful for all of it. During this time of year, we’re reminded to be thankful, but do we really need a holiday to remind us? As Christians we should be most thankful for Christ dying on the cross for us, but also for simple things in life that we all take for granted. So, for this month’s top 10 I am making a list of the simple things in life that I take for granted, as do many of us. It is a list that will allow us all to think of the simple things in life and remember how blessed we are. Let’s continue to be thankful for all our blessings throughout the entire year.

The Top 10 Simple Things In Life We Forget to be Thankful For

10) Being allowed to make our own decisions. Yes, we are all young and most of the decisions about us are made by our parents, but we still get a choice in what we want to do with our future, how we want to live our lives, and who we are going to marry.

9) Technology. Even though it can allow us access to many negative things, it is amazing what technology enables us to do. We use it to talk to our friends and share and receive information. This magazine wouldn’t exist without technology.

8 ) School. Even though it’s a place most of us dread going, could you imagine life without it? Think of all the knowledge and experiences you get from just going to school each day––we wouldn’t be the same people without it.

7) Food. I know this one is kind of random, but it is part of thanksgiving and it is amazing. We are so lucky to able to experience all the different styles of food that we eat each day. There are many people in this world who eat the same thing for every meal. Most of us get to eat something different every day of the week. And how many of us have to go plant, harvest, or kill everything that we eat? We have the convenience of going to a single location within minutes to get almost anything we desire to eat, at almost any time of day.

6)Transportation. As a somewhat new driver, I love driving and being able to be on the go all the time. Imagine having to walk everywhere. A ten-minute drive to school could take you an hour to walk. Going on a vacation and being able to fly to the other side of the U.S. in just hours is amazing, and I know it is one of the things we forget about.

5) Indoor plumbing. Man, am I thankful for indoor plumbing. I don’t even want to imagine life without it.

4) Freedom. Women and men in history fought for the right of freedom which allows us to have a say in how our country is run, and allows everyone the chance to be treated as equal

3)Health. Most of us are blessed with health and functioning physical bodies.

2) Friends and family. These are the people who bless our lives and that are always there for us.

1) Christ’s love. Christ died for us so that we could spend eternity with Him. We have His spoken Word which we can read and study whenever we want. We can fellowship with others who love and obey Him.

By Kim Cook

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