Turkey Time

It’s “Turkey Time” again! Thanksgiving is here, and we all know what that means––turkey, turkey, and more turkey! This year we’re putting a twist on the classic favorites. God has blessed us so much, and we hope this Thanksgiving you will share your thankfulness with everyone. Reach out and help someone this Thanksgiving by baking a pie or delivering food baskets, or by letting your friends know how God has worked in your life this year and could work in theirs!

Cooking Tips

  • Don’t try to do everything yourself! If you’re in charge of Thanksgiving dinner this year, enlist help by offering to make the main dish, and ask guests to choose an item to prepare themselves. They can bring a side dish, drink, or dessert. If everybody brings something, there should be plenty to go around.

  • Help the host! Whether the meal is being prepared at your own home or someone else’s doesn’t matter. Even if you’re not in charge of the entire meal, offer to prepare a drink, side dish, or dessert to help. There are several easy and festive recipes posted below offering ideas of how you can serve.

  • Plan your meal in advance. Look over menu ideas and plan your menu early, so you have ample time to shop for ingredients. When looking over recipes, read the entire recipe before starting it, so you can make sure you have the ingredients and it’s a recipe you’re comfortable making. Take special note of prep time and total time so you know how much time to allow for cooking.

  • Cook within your skill level. All of us have different levels of cooking skills. If you’re an inexperienced cook, stick to simple recipes that will taste good, instead of trying an elaborate dish that you are uncomfortable making. Save the big experiments for later.

  • Clean the kitchen. Whatever you do, don’t leave your mess in the kitchen for your mom (or anybody else) to take care of. Take the time to clean up. This task will be much easier if you clean as you go, and as you’re waiting for things to cook or set.

  • Remember the reason. Remember that Thanksgiving is to celebrate being thankful for our family and friends. The food is a great bonus, but it shouldn’t be the entire focus of the day. Help cook and clean up so everyone can enjoy their day, and remember 2 Corinthians 9:11: “Being enriched in everything to all bountifulness, which causeth through us thanksgiving to God.”

    Holiday Menu Suggestions

    Veggies and Dip
    Cheese Balls
    Winter Salad

    Mocha Punch
    Ruby Punch
    OREO Mint Cocoa

    Main Dish

    Side Dishes
    Sweet Potatoes
    Corn Souffle
    Cranberry Fruit Basket

    Pumpkin Bars
    Pumpkin Pie
    Apple Pie
    Chocolate Dipped Delights

    By Alexia Hammonds and Davonne Parks

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  1. Lexi,

    I used my grandmother’s pie crust recipe, with the filling recipe and tips from the apple pie link you posted. It was so good, and I received so many compliments at Thanksgiving. I’ll definitely make it again!

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