Strive to be Virtuous

10. Help other girls in their journey to become virtuous women. Begin a Bible study with girls in your youth group. Be an example to those who are younger then you.

9. Show maturity beyond your age. Develop the ability to take on real-world problems and show that you can handle what life brings.

8. Have self confidence. Be proud of who you are in Christ.

7. Put others before yourself. Be willing to help someone else before doing things for yourself.

6. Be trustworthy. Always keep others’ trust and don’t do anything to betray it, unless the secret is about a harmful situation.

5. Choose a boyfriend who will encourage you to be virtuous. Date a guy who respects you and encourages you.

4. Always arise to a challenge when doing charity work. Take on a charity project, like organizing a community service project for your youth group.

3. Always give before you receive. Be willing to give to those who are in need before taking what you want.

2. Be a good friend, daughter, sister, and granddaughter, so you may be live up to your virtuous title.

1. Serve God before anything else.

-Kim Cook

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