Loving Ladies

I became pregnant shortly after I was married, and while my husband and I made enough money to live, we didn’t make enough to support ourselves and a child. He had just joined another person as a business owner, and I became their secretary. Our lack of money and baby necessities caused us to worry throughout my entire pregnancy. To top things off, about six weeks before the baby was due, we discovered several dishonest things my husband’s partner had been doing, and we both immediately packed our things and left, which put us both out of a job.

We were about to have a baby, we did not have jobs, and we didn’t have any baby items except a few outfits, a green blanket, and some rubber duckies that had been given to us by family members. We were worried sick. And then …

The baby shower at my church had been planned for months, and it just happened to fall about two weeks after we left our business. I walked into that baby shower with practically nothing, and I was astonished at the amount of gifts that were piled on the tables, overflowing to beneath the tables, beside the tables, and in front of the tables. The room was packed with women, and every seat was taken. My mother was beside me and said something along the lines of, “Oh, wow, Davonne, I think you’re being taken care of.” That day I received a bassinet, crib, car seat, stroller, sleepers, diapers, bath stuff, changing table, dresser, and everything else I could possibly need for a newborn. Word had gotten around about our business, and instead of getting the normal cutesy outfits people tend to give as baby shower gifts, the women had gone in together to give us larger items we weren’t able to afford. I walked into that shower with nothing, and left with everything.

As with this instance, the women at my church pull together in time of need, no matter who the person is, and they give what needs to be given. But most of all, they give what we all need most––a glimpse of the love of Christ in human form. Thank you, God, for women like these, who truly make the world a better place. I wouldn’t be who I am without them.

– Davonne Parks


  1. Davonne,

    What a beautiful testimony of how God takes care of us. He tells us not to worry, and even though we sometimes still do, He is faithful to give us what we need.

    Sounds like you were abundantly blessed!

  2. This story gave me chills. Thank you for sharing something so personal. God always provides!

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