Wake up America

This month we have chosen to post something from a gifted guy instead of a gifted girl. This gifted guy is a very special uncle of both editors, and he has a firm grasp on the true freedom that Christ offers, no matter what the circumstances.

Wake Up America

Oh, God, wake up America, the land of the free
And help her to remember that her strength lies in thee.
If her people Your guidance in all things they do seek
Then as a nation “under God” they will never be found weak.

Strong as a people, united they will stand
If Your laws are upheld all over this great land.
Yes, “Righteousness exalts a nation” the Holy Book does say,
But “Sin is a disgrace,” so for righteousness let us pray.

May we never forget who it was that made us great
And turn our hearts back to God before it is too late.
The most powerful nation on earth may someday cease to be
If its people turn their backs on the strength that made them free.

May we truly uphold our motto, “In God Do We Trust,”
And do away with greed and selfishness, our idols, and our lust.
As you wave that flag of freedom held high so all can see
Live so that God does bless America, and keeps this land forever free.

Gaylord E. Gardner Jr.

July 4, 2005


  1. Gaylord E. Gardner, Jr. says

    I am very honored that you chose to place one of my poems in your on-line magazine.

    This is a wonderful outreach that you have begun and I pray that God will bless you all in your sincere efforts to reach out to the young people of our nation (and the world) via this internet site. I also believe that those that log on to your website will be truly blessed as well.

    I am very proud of all of you and love you all very much!!!

    Uncle Gaylord

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