Making a dorm a home––Part 3

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jft3We’ve discussed the different appliances that you may want to include in your new dorm room, all of which are optional. But there is one thing that, while still not a necessity, is a huge benefit to your dorm life––the computer. If you’ve made it through high school, you may very likely already have your own. But if you’ve been sharing the family desktop to do your essays and researching, a computer of your own might be something you’ll want to ask for. (Dell usually has a lot of good deals around the beginning of the school year on basic computers and laptops.) This is assuming, of course, that you or your parents can afford one. If you can’t afford a new computer, look around for remanufactured or used ones (Craigslist is a great place to start). Or let people at your church know that you’re in the market to buy a reliable, simple laptop for college. Someone may have just what you need. Keep in mind that many colleges have now started providing laptops for all students, included in the cost of tuition. Resist the urge to spend all of the graduation money that comes in – if you save it, you may end up having enough to purchase your own computer or another item you need later.

Other electronics

The other thing you may want to consider buying for your room is a printer. It doesn’t have to be fancy, with all the extras that are often included with a printer. But it is nice to have one when you finally finish that research report at two in the morning, when the computer lab is closed. Again, this is something you could find on Craigslist or at yard sales, or you could buy an inexpensive one with some of the money you got for graduation. This is also one item you may not need duplicates of in your room, so check with your roommate first to see if she already has a printer.

Although scanners and other electronics are nice to have, wait until the school year starts to see how much you’d really need other electronic items. You may find that the girl down the hall has one that will suffice for the two times you need it a semester.

Or you may find yourself living in a suite, with a whole army of electronics within your reach.

By Lisa Grimenstein

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