Just for Today: Websites we love

Since we will no longer be posting new articles on Pierce My Heart after this month (see details here), we would like to direct you to a few websites we think you may enjoy.

JFT1Cling to Good is a devotional-type blog written and maintained by our very own Hannah Smith! Hannah is a very talented and thought provoking writer, so be sure to check out her site.

The Homespun Heart is written by a mother of three young children, who focuses on crafts, homeschooling, simplicity, and serving the Lord.

The Money Saving Mom is written by a frugal zealot who posts often about all areas of frugal living, including freebies, couponing, cooking at home, great deals, and budgeting.

Tammy’s Recipes is dedicated to recipes and kitchen tips. She only posts tried and true recipes, so it’s easy to trust her recipes.

Recipezaar allows the browser to search for a recipe and choose from several options. Recipes are rated on a 5-star scale, so look for the high ratings, and you’re sure to find something that works!

Plugged In Online reviews mainstream media from a Christian perspective, allowing the potential viewers to make informed decisions before watching or listening to the contemplated media.

Apologetics Press focuses on Christian Evidences, and is great for personal reference or teaching purposes.

Bible Gateway is a great resource – it has several Bible versions, and will show every verse that contains whichever keyword you enter.

Focus on the Family is a great site to read articles about topics from a Christian viewpoint. You can also listen to podcasts of radio talks and sermons—great to do while dishwashing or cooking dinner!

HeaderPlease don’t forget to check out our monthly issues to read more about several topics you may be interested in.

As always, please remember that the views of the writers on other websites are not necessarily in agreement with the views of Pierce My Heart. Please read all articles and websites with discretion, and always use the Bible as your guide for standards and beliefs.

We hope that all will be discerning with the time we spend online, and use our minutes wisely, being careful to not allow the Internet, or anything else, to slowly steal our hours away. Instead, let’s strive to look first to God for fulfillment, so that we may quietly and joyfully serve our families in the real world, instead of just reading about it in a virtual world.

– Lisa and Davonne


  1. I found a t-shirt website you might be interested in featuring. I didn’t delve too deeply into because I’m supposed to be working, but here’s the link. http://www.wildolivetees.com/
    They appear to have cool t-shirts with good God inspired messages. I didn’t look through all of the shirts to check their scripture, but the ones I saw appeared to be sound at ym cursory glance. And they’re cute!

  2. These are great resources thank you! I have enjoyed browsing your site today. Another great resource site it http://www.comefillyourcup.wordpress.com daily articles written by COC women and podcasts. Check it out 😉

  3. Ann Willenborg says

    Opp’s…..I stand corrected!, Nathen is the son of David, the brother of Solomon. If you find another goof up just let me know. Josie

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