Fun Fact Friday: World’s Largest Pumpkin

FFFOct16The world’s largest pumpkin weighed 1,689 pounds!

And the largest pumpkin pie weighed 2,020 pounds, and had to be baked in a custom-made oven for five hours. (Go here for more details.)

For fun ideas on how to use a pumpkin (including turning it into a vase!), read this article.

What is your favorite pumpkin craft or recipe?

– Davonne Parks


  1. My mom has this incredible pumpkin break recipe! A lot of my friends suprisingly like it, and even some who don’t necessarily like pumpkin.

  2. Pie Lover(: says

    That is the biggest pie ive ever seen! it is my screen saver(: i love pie and so does my best friend Dana we make bunches of pies and then we eat them all up!

  3. Courtney says

    This is a Enormous Pumpkin Pie.(:

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