Ten Benefits of a Godly Marriage

Hebrews 13:4 “Marriage is to be held in honor among all…”

tt4Since I’m not married, I asked several older ladies who have been married to Christian husbands what some of the benefits are to being married to a sincere Christian husband, and I’m going to share some of their answers with you, along with advice they offered for how to have a happy marriage.


10) Marriage is a gift from God and is not to be taken for granted. It’s like cement; it’s for life. Selves may not intertwine, but lives do. Shared memories become as much of a bond as the bond of flesh.

9) Your mate is someone with a mutual understanding. Every marriage has problems, but every problem has a godly solution. Think before you say something, and don’t jump to conclusions. Respect your mate even if you disagree.

8 ) The best solution to disagreements is to pray together and talk through your problems. Listen to your spouse’s opinion with an open mind, and be willing to compromise until you reach a godly agreement.


7) Marriage is a social, religious, spiritual, emotional, and legal union of individuals that creates kinship.

6) You have attached yourself for life with someone who desires to work with you in your walk with God and not with someone who will hinder that journey.

extra95) Your life goals are more likely to match up, both for marriage and raising children.

4) You have married a person who will hopefully place you above themselves.  They will love you as Christ loves His church.

3) Your marriage partner should have the same commitment as you do to life–long marriage–and you will have a common faith to keep you binded together during difficult times.

2) You want someone who will place you below God, but above themselves and above any children you may have.

1) You want someone who will help you grow in Christ. You want someone who hates sin, loves what is good, is relentless, persistent, gentle, and seeks wisdom. These are qualities that a husband/father should have. And should you find this man, hold on to him. You fall into lust, but you learn how to love.

By Megan Skinner


  1. Stephen Yashim says

    This article is quite educative and insightful. It has helped me make a decision to deliberately take time to pray with my spouse in any area of disagreements to seek divine guidance in resolving the disagreement amicably. I hate quarreling with my spouse and I avoid it like a plague. Thanks

  2. Stephen Yashim says

    Thanks for the article. I see a better way of resolving differences with my spouse before the Lord first in prayer then between us in His presence.

  3. I knew these things, but needed to be reminded of them during difficult times. I will make it a point to pray more with my spouse. I usually go off and pray alone during storms. Forgiving one another quickly is a great suggestion too. 25yrs. ago I wish someone would of advised me of this. So much time is wasted on being upset or angry. Now that were older we realize how precious that time was. Be quick to forgive and let things go. Believe and trust that God will deal with your spouse. It’s not our place to try and correct or change them, it’s God’s. Trust Him. Thanks for sharing this.

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