Formal Hair

bb11Whether you’re a bride, a bridesmaid, or someone who’d like to help the wedding party with your talents, knowing how to give someone (or yourself) a formal hairstyle can come in handy.

Helpful websites

Since I don’t consider myself to be a hair expert, I thought I’d share a few websites to help you out. offers instructions on several types of formal updos. has a how-to video specifically about wedding hair. offers good tips on giving yourself an updo if you’re doing your own hair without help. If you are unsure about what type of updo will look nice with your face shape, visit

Other tips

Depending on your location and salon choice, a formal updo can cost anywhere from $20 to over $100 per person, so if there’s a family member or friend who can help with hair for free as a wedding gift to the bride, make sure the bride knows about her!

Also, make sure to have a trial run, at least for the bride’s hair, so she can make sure her and the stylist are on the same page. This will also allow for a chance to discover any time-consuming hair issues—something you don’t want to encounter on the wedding day! The trial run should be as far in advance as possible so if the beautician isn’t going to work out, there’s time to find somebody new.

One idea is to schedule the trial run for the day of a wedding party or bridal shower, so the bride can have fun showing off her new style!

– Davonne Parks

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