Growing closer as a couple

Hebrews 13:4 “Marriage is to be held in honor among all…”

extra13Many couples come to the point where they feel unappreciated and even rejected by their partners. After a certain point in a relationship couples tend to stop doing what they did when they first started dating, such as surprising each other with presents; it could even be a simple thing like not saying as often how much they care about each other. Keeping a relationship strong is very important to us. Hoping isn’t going to help unless both people are willing to put forth effort. It’s important to put God first, and each-other second. It means you have to sacrifice some things, but in the end you’ll find that it’s worth everything you put into it. The love and companionship of a godly spouse could be all the reward you need.

Gotta have faith

Faith is your first step in a stronger relationship. Couples who worship, pray, and participate in church regularly become closer together as well as to God. Their faith in God is a tie that binds them together. A relationship needs different things to bind it together, such as love, laughter, respect, and the belief in God and obedience to Him. Belief in God is the strongest there is. The earlier you start participating in church and praying with each other, the more likely it is that it will remain that way. Here’s a question for you: When you go out to eat do you often see couples praying together before eating? Never be ashamed to pray in front of random people. You could be encouraging them to do the same.

Talk it out

Communicating is a very important trait to have in a relationship. Couples who aren’t willing to listen to each other and talk openly about any issue they’re having are most likely to drift apart and fight a lot. “He who guards his lips guards his life, but he who speaks rashly with come to ruin” (Proverbs 13:3). I believe that what contributes to a relationship’s success is talking out minor problems or differences before they become an even bigger problem. Even though some conversations you have will result in getting your feelings hurt, do not avoid the issues that are going on. Knowing and acknowledging what’s wrong is a major key in fixing the problem.


Forgiveness is bearing with each other through the rough times. Colossians 3:13 says, “Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievance you may have against one another.” Forgive as the Lord forgave you. Sometimes you will cause each other pain, and the path that leads to healing is forgiveness. Choosing to forgive one another means looking to the positive and shooting for another chance. When you forgive, it means you’re letting go of the hurt that held you back and that you’re moving on with your relationship. After you forgive, you learn from your mistakes and use the information to make you a stronger couple.

Remember when

extra8As a couple, you need to take time to look back together and talk about your shared memories. The sharing of memories will create the feeling of warmth, affection, and love between each other. The sharing of memories can be done verbally, such as saying, “Remember that one time when we were playing football together and I blind-sided you and took you out.” Shared memories can also be visual, like looking through old picture albums at the treasured memories that are captured in the pictures or watching recorded videos you’ve made together—these can bring you closer together.


A couple cannot grow in love without spending time together. If you have really busy schedules and work all the time, it may become harder to hang out. Try comparing your calendars and looking for times you are able to see one another and plan something special like a movie night or even a game night with just the two of you. Take time out of your schedules to love and cherish each other. Your relationship is at stake if you’re not willing to put in everything you can to make it work.

Grow closer now

You can start growing closer to your spouse right now if you are willing to share your faith, learn to communicate in order to fix problems, forgive each other when you mess up, and take time to be together.

With Christian Love,
Michelle Jane


  1. Sune Meyer says

    Thank you this post has opened my eyes! I need to reassess my relationship with my partner and to God!

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