Campfire Cooks

cc2Camping can be an adventure by itself, but it becomes all the more exciting when you put food into the mix. For your campfire cooking to be a success, you’ll first have to build a fire, and if you follow these steps, it should be a great experience!

How to build a campfire

As much as I’d like to guide you here, the best instructions I’ve seen are provided by and

How to cook the best tasting food

When camping, especially just in tents, you won’t have your best resources on hand, so you will have to get creative. The easiest way is to pack these essentials:

-Aluminum Foil
-Fruit (Bananas, Apples, etc.)
-Peanut butter
Coffee Percolator (If you have no idea how to make coffee over a campfire, visit for instructions.)

How to glorify God on a camping trip

Sometimes when we go on vacation, especially a camping trip, we forget that it can be a great learning experience. When you’re camping in the traditional style, without television or other distractions, you have a great opportunity to enjoy the things that God created (Genesis 1:16). During this time, you can seize the opportunity to learn with your family and friends about God, and share with them how awesome it is to be a Christian.

Bacon and eggs
Egg in an orange
Foil biscuits

Lunch or Dinner
Three-minute pizza
Potatoes on a stick
Camp comer hobo
Ham and sweet potatoes in foil

Stuffed peach “cobbler”
Banana boats

By Alexia Hammonds

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