Tie Dye!

Summer is a great time to make memories by tie-dying a shirt with friends or family. Whether you’re having a birthday party, about to go on vacation and want fun shirts to wear, or need a craft for VBS or church camp, this is a fun and easy activity. Be aware that the dye will stain, so make sure to wear old clothes when doing this activity.

If you don’t know how to tie-dye, you can look for instructions on a search engine or ask at a craft supply store. About.com also has helpful instructions, including a list of needed supplies and step-by-step instructions. They even include instructions for tie-dying beach towels!

Hover over the images below to read instructions.

Twist the shirt

Place rubberbands around the shirt

Pour the dye (for best results, use two colors)

Place the shirt in a bag

Let the shirt sit in the bag for 48 hours, to give the color time to set

While the rubber bands are still on, hose the shirt down

Remove rubber bands from shirt

Once rubber bands are removed, hose shirt again until water runs clear

Wash and dry shirts, with nothing else in the load

Once the shirts have been washed and dried, they may be washed with other items

Try your hand at making something tie-dye this month and enjoy your garment of many colors (Genesis 37:3).

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By Davonne Parks

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