Choosing a Career

jft8Choosing a career path is among the toughest decisions we’ll ever make. A lot of thought goes into it…or not. If you just go where the wind blows, you’ll probably end up in a job that you don’t like, that you aren’t really suited for, and that doesn’t enhance your talents.

To find a career path that’s right for you, analyze the things you do best or like the most. has a questionnaire to help you discover your interests, and discusses how to assess them into choosing a career that suits you best.

Now, Discover Your Strengths is an excellent book to read. That book will direct you to a free on-line test which will assess your strengths. I recommend reading the book and taking the test. It claims that no matter what your current age, the results will come out very close to who you will be at any age. I was amazed at how accurate the assessment was!

No matter which career path we choose, we need to always remember to choose one that won’t compromise our Christian principles. We need to be confident in who we are, and in “Whose” we are. Whichever career we choose, it needs to, above all, glorify God (Colossians 3:17).

By Carol Gartman

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