Working Your Own Carwash

hh1Ephesians 6:7 “Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not men.”

We’re entering into summer, and it’s a great time for service, with the warmer weather offering us plenty of opportunities to serve outdoors. This month’s project idea can be done any time during the summer––a carwash!

After getting the okay from the elders of your church (if using the church grounds), you’re ready to begin the planning. Although many of our recent projects could have included the involvement of youth group friends, this is a great time to get them involved if you haven’t yet. You can also make it a church-wide service project, including some older people from your church who might be interested. Start with a date. Often, Saturdays are going to work best, since this is when school is out and people tend to be on weekend work breaks. Check the forecast as best you can, and plan on a sunny day carwash. One thing to remember––if it’s nearing exam time, don’t plan on doing it until after if many volunteers will need the weekend to study, or you may find yourself with a very small group of washers! Once you have your volunteers and scheduled date, it’s time to start preparing.

Be Prepared

The carwash is going to be a washout if you get there and realize things were not prepared in advance. Designate some artistic people in the group to make signs for the day of the carwash. Make sure the signs announce that the wash is free. You’ll need one large sign for the entrance to the wash, but also some smaller ones to post around the nearby community. It will definitely be beneficial to be located near a water spout for hoses. And you’ll need soap. Make sure you’re using something mild that won’t damage cars. Have plenty of rags and sponges on hand. This needs to all be collected well in advance so you’re not rushing around the day of the carwash trying to track stuff down as cars start pulling in. (Buckets and other supplies may be donated by those in the church, borrowed, or bought with some church finances.)

Be modest

hh2This is among the most important things to remember. Consider who you are representing––God and His church. It’s all too common to see carwashes where the young women and girls are dressed to turn heads. So it’s a little hot. Remember that you’re not doing this to impress everyone that drives or stops by. You’re doing this to serve others, and ultimately, God! Wear something comfortable that you don’t mind getting messy and wet, but don’t dress in anything that is going to be inappropriate––before or after getting wet.

Be efficient

It may be fun to fool around with your friends and have a water fight mid-way through the day, but remember that people are waiting. Those who have stopped have come to have their cars washed––not to witness an afternoon water fight among friends. When someone stops by, be as quick as possible to get started on their car––and do a thorough job. You’re there to serve them, and they have other places they probably need to be.

Be clear

You are doing this as a service. If anyone asks about paying you, let them know that you are doing this to serve others and God, and that the service is free of charge. If they insist on giving a donation, suggest they donate the money to their favorite charity.

Washing Up

When the day is over, be sure to clean up any mess that has been made. Gather your supplies and make sure they are returned to wherever they need to be. Hopefully the day has gone smoothly and has been a success in making others feel the love from your service. And hopefully, those served will be encouraged to go out and serve others.

“If anyone serves, he should do it with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ.” 1 Peter 4:11

By Lisa Grimenstein

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