Make it Modest: Giveaway

This month’s giveaway, valued at $25, is featured at the end of this article. Keep reading for details.

ss7With warmer weather approaching, that generally means less clothing. While we definitely don’t need to hide in jeans and long-sleeved shirts all summer, we still need to make sure our warm weather wardrobe is appropriate. A recent formal-wear article talks about why it’s important to dress modestly, and gives basic modesty tips that can be applied to everyday summer wear as well. For a refresher, read 1 Timothy 2:9, Matthew 5:27-28, and 1 Corinthians 8:9-12 in addition to the articles linked to above.

Make it modest

Purchasing modest clothing can be difficult and frustrating, so we’re going to cover a few tips on how to make immodest summer clothing more modest.

Layer it up. Tank tops can be a girl’s best friend! Yes, summer is hot, but a long, thin tank won’t add bulk to clothing, and will cover a multitude of top troubles. It will hide cleavage on a low-cut top and cover the back and belly on shorter shirts. I personally love Fashion Bug’s long stretch layering tanks. If you have a larger bust, you can carefully cut out the bra part of a tank top and adjust the straps so it will stay high enough. There’s no need to purchase a tank in every color––simply buy several in the colors you’ll use most, such as white, black, and brown. It’s also a good idea to have one or two wide-strapped tank tops to layer with other thin-strapped tops. Remember that these tank tops are for layering, not to wear alone!

Bermuda ShortsCut it off. Fortunately for the modest-conscious (which I hope is all of us!), bermuda shorts are in! Let’s take advantage of the bermuda shorts, because this is one trend that’d be good for us to keep around. If you’re on a limited budget, get a look like this for free by cutting off an old pair of jeans right above the knee. If you or someone you know can sew, you could also get this look by cutting and hemming a pair of Goodwill jeans to get the bermuda style, then sewing a shoelace onto the front to achieve the drawstring look.

Leg-it under. Last summer’s skirts that are a little too short (and I don’t mean mini!) can be paired with a pair of below-the-knee leggings. Black leggings with a little tie on the hem add some pizzazz to a normal outfit, and plain black leggings are sure to go with almost everything. Anything that’s super short (with the hemline more than a couple of inches above the knee) needs to be tossed, because even leggings won’t make that modest.

Shoe it down. High heels can make skirts and shorts seem even shorter than they are, so this summer, play it cheap and comfortable in a new pair of flip flops.

The giveaway

While it’s sometimes fun to creatively think of new ways to make clothes modest, it’s also refreshing to just look at a store that is already packed full of modest clothing. Bellissima Modesty Boutique is just that––a web store full of cute, modest clothes! Their key verse is “Let the beauty of the Lord be upon us” (Psalm 90:17). They have cute summer tops, some great skirts, fun accessories, and more.

Bellissima Blue 'Flowy' SkirtThe best part is that Bellissima has generously agreed to give away one $25 gift card to a reader! All you have to do is leave a comment below by Friday, May 29, 2009, stating one article of clothing you like from their site, or let us know your favorite modesty tip, and you’ll be entered in our drawing.

Comments are moderated, so they may take a day or so to appear. Make sure to include a valid e-mail address in your information (this will not appear in the post). The winner will be announced on May 31 and will be e-mailed with simple instructions on how to claim this prize. The winner must contact us back within seven days of our initial contact, or the gift card will go to someone else.


Lime Ricki’s special offer is still available for all Pierce My Heart readers. You will save 10% off your entire purchase just by entering the coupon code HEART10 at their checkout by May 15, 2009!

This summer, have fun looking modest while staying cool!

By Davonne Parks

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  1. I have really enjoyed all the post about modesty and the helpful links that you have included in each one. Most of the websites I had never heard of until I read about them in your articles. Thanks for sharing these post.

  2. Eunice Bruckhart says

    My favorite modesty tip is to shop at reuzit stores because I’ve found it easier to find modest things 2nd hand….it’s also cheaper! 🙂

  3. What great clothing! I would choose the B14: Tan & Blue 2 Set Top. Very cute and yet so modest!

  4. My favorite modesty tip is something I heard another mom tell her daughter. “You are a treasure. Dress modestly so that on your wedding night, your husband has something to unwrap.” I’ve never forgotten it and plan to tell my own daughter that someday.

  5. I like the black floral top and the head bands.

  6. I like the petite blue paisley skirt! thanks for the gievaway!

  7. Modesty has always been my policy, and it’s great to see a store where that is the policy too. I think, in a way, it’s a shame that we as Christians have to work so hard to be modest, but it is nice to know that modesty doesn’t mean covering every inch of skin with burlap sacks, isn’t it? I mean, modest clothing is cute! I really loved the skirts:

    the petite green and white flared skirt
    black and purple floral skirt
    Black/Red/Grey Fully Lined Plaid Skirt
    flared jean skirt
    and the navy skirt

    I thought all of those were really nice, and it was great not to have to sift through all the clothing I would never buy to find them.

    I found the site for this magazine from a Facebook post, and I will be bookmarking it.

    Thanks! 🙂

  8. As a very tall mom with a very tall pre-teen daughter, it has been difficult to find modest clothing. I sew so, many times I can make clothing to fit our needs; but I am glad that this store is selling clothes that people can buy ready made. The prices are very reasonable too.
    If a young man is attracted to a girl because of skimpy clothing, that is not the kind of man you want in your life; if he’s checking out your body, he won’t stop checking out the other girl’s bodies too! The kind of guys that will treat a woman like a person (not a sex object) will not be attracted to a girl that flaunts her body for all to see.
    I love the black chiffon-look layered skirt, the black floral top, and the blue and brown modern top.
    This is a great article, reminding us that modesty has a biblical basis, and is not just an arbitrary list of rules.

  9. Leah Stevanus says

    I have been wishing someone would design a line of modest (and cute) clothing! These clothes are cute and resonably priced. I like the vintage lace light beige blouse.

  10. Something else I was thinking about modesty is that it is not absolute. Shorts that are fine on one girl may be too short on a girl with longer legs. A shirt that is perfectly flattering and modest on one girl may show cleavage or tummy when another girl wears it. So, I think we have to remember that very few articles of clothing are just modest, period. Different things have to be taken into consideration.

    Thanks for writing this article and forcing me to think more about modesty!


  11. I like pretty much everything on their site! The black and white flared skirt is cute, and the brown and blue modern top also fits my style. Thanks for the opportunity!

  12. Thank you for your modesty posts! We have been blessed to have cousins close in age that have provided many nice clothes for our daughters in past years, but as they get older, they have given in to the modern immodest trends and we are seeking out modest and reasonably priced replacements and resisting the temptation to give in as well because the immodesty is certainly easier to find! This is a great company and the girls and I both love many of their tops and skirts! Matching gigham tops would be fun! Thank you!

  13. shannon gutierrez says

    I love this. I’ve never heard of this. Great giveaway.

  14. Modest is so hard these days. The clothes in the mall are not appropriate to be wearing. It costs a lot to be modest, your prize would be awesome.

  15. Honestly, my favorite item is kind of silly–the undertanks. I’ve searched and searched for something that isn’t so low it hardly counts. 🙂 I also really like the B14: Tan & Blue 2 Set Top. 🙂

  16. This might be an odd tip, but while nursing to stay modest I always wear two layers–one that pulls up and then the under one pulls down a little so that I can keep everything covered in public.

  17. I really like the Black Chiffon Look Double Layer Skirt. Thanks for the chance to win!

  18. I think that layering is a great way to be modest! I have lots of long tank tops that I wear underneath.

  19. That website is GREAT!! I am a young mom, I have 3 daughters, and I need to be an amazing role model for them. It scares me when I look at the younger generation today and see some of the things they are wearing. I want my 3 daughters to value themselves and not find the need to put themselves on display.
    You can still be hip and trendy and still be modest, theres nothing wrong with dressing to look the best not dressing and wearing less.

    Now for the website Bellissima there are so many cute things, but I “think” my favorite thing would have to be A4: Pink ‘Flowy’ Skirt. Its SO adorable!!

  20. Luci West says

    Wow!! This is the best site!! My tip for being modest: Always wear an undershirt. They can go with just about anything and the long ones keep you from showing skin with low rise jeans. After you get dressed, bend over and look in a mirror. If you can see down your shirt…either change it or put something under it.

    I love the Lime Ricki swimsuits. It is the only site my 16 year old would even consider getting a swimsuit from. And they are so nice.

    The Belissima site is also very cool. I have been looking for more modest clothes for my girls. Now I have some choices. It is so difficult to find fun, spunky, and cool modest clothes for a teen who wants to be modest but fit in with the world too.

  21. Long skirts! But not the denim variety–I know they’re practical, but I love flowy Indian print skirts–comfortable in the summer, and more modest than shorts!

  22. Oh I love the vintage lace blouse!


  23. I stumbled upon this website while looking for a modest swimsuit for my mature-looking preteen. Hallelujah, I found a variety! Then I found this website ( which led me to Bellissima. I am going to show it to my daughter–I think she’ll love the flowy skirts. They’re stylish and modest at the same time! I was also impressed with their prices.

    We rarely go shopping at the mall, but we did last night to see if we could find SOMETHING for her. Most of the shirts were VERY low cut and and the skirts, dresses and shorts were too short or even ripped up.

    My modesty tip has more to do with an illustration of a young lady saving herself for her husband: If she thinks of herself as a lovely, delicious cake with fancy toppings, but lets boys come along and take small bites out of her, she won’t be the lovely whole “cake” that she started out to be. Saving oneself for her husband-to-be is the best wedding gift!

  24. Deb Postma says

    What awesome clothes! I love all the skirts. I especially like the green ‘flowry’ skirt. I’ve already put the website under my favorites to send my husband to for my birthday!

  25. I like the bolero jacket. I saw someone wearing one recently at a wedding.

  26. Barefoot Milkmaid says

    Please enter me!

  27. Modesty Tip – I’ve found to look modest, yet still cute in swimwear, I will buy swim separates, with the top being a halter and I can get bottoms to match.

  28. I love the “Off White Formal Bolero Jacket “. It could help make shirts that normally wouldn’t be modest, like a fancy tank, be modest simply by throwing on this gorgeous jacket.

  29. Christina says

    I like the pink “flowy” skirt.

  30. I very much enjoyed this article and finding this web journal for Chrisitian girls. I have sent the link to each teen girl in our congregation. Modesty is always an issue with women and girls. My favorite tip for modesty is “Do not show the ABCs.” A = abdomen, B = buttocks, C = cleavage.

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