Something New (And Better) For Your iPod!

mm1If you’re like me, you love good, clean, positive music, and whenever you find it, you listen to it over and over. But, like any song you really like, it eventually gets over-played. I’m always looking for new music that a young person in Christ can enjoy. However, I found something on iTunes that’s better than any song I’ve ever heard and it’s free!

The Memphis School of Preaching is one of the strongest Christian schools for young preachers that I have ever had the privilege to visit. (A friend of mine attended a training program last summer and I got to visit.) The men who work there are more dedicated to teaching the young men who go to school there than any other staff I have ever seen anywhere. I know that the students are able to get sound teachings of God’s Word, and I know they gain an in-depth understanding of it, as well.

Recently I visited their website and found podcasts! On iTunes, MSOP has 94 lectures available to download to your iPod (again–for free!). I only downloaded about fifteen to start out with; I’ve listened to three so far, each of which has been eye-opening, heart-warming, heart-wrenching, and completely and solidly based on God’s Word. If you have the time (and an iPod)–especially if you are a young person looking for something worthwhile to listen to on your iPod–I strongly recommend you check out the lectures available. I promise you, you won’t be let down.

To download if you already have iTunes:

mm2-go to
-click on “Podcasts” on the left-hand side near the bottom
-click on the “Click Here” beside “Already an iTunes user?”
-choose which ones to download!

If that doesn’t work, you can always:

-open the iTunes store on your computer
-type in “Memphis School of Preaching podcasts”
-click on the logo that appears at the top of your iTunes window
-choose what to download!

By Hannah Smith


  1. Thanks so much for this information! I had no idea this was available–and how wonderful that it is free! I can’t wait to listen to some great lessons.

    <3 Alison

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