1. Rachel, this is a very good article. We also must remember that even though we can be forgiven of our sins, we sometimes must deal with the consequences of our sin. For example, if someone kills a person, they can truly repent and be forgiven by God, but they are still going to have to pay the consequences of serving their time in prison for that murder.
    If we have sex before we get married and get pregnant, we have to remember that the pregnancy is NOT the sin, but rather fornication is the sin and we will have to face the consequences. Those consequences are that we will being raising a child, perhaps without a father and everything else that goes along with it.
    If we have an abortion, we can be forgiven but we will forever suffer the consequences of the guilt associated by our sin. (as one author wrote about)
    Repentance does not mean that the consequences of our sins go away, but instead that we can be one with God and if we continue to live our lives the way that God instructs us to live, we are forgiven and have the hope of eternal life with Him in heaven.

  2. I feel the same way. When I die and go to the gates of heaven will he accept me? Or will hr send me to hell for eternity? I have done bad things… but iI need help. E mail me for help please,

  3. ***Davonne Here***

    Billi, I just saw your comment a few moments ago and I e-mailed a response to you. I am so sorry that I did not see your comment and therefore did not respond sooner!

  4. Okay, I am a thirteen year old girl. This article has brought a smile among my face. Lately I have been dealing with what my parent’s call ‘strengthening my faith’. Right now, I’m in a doubtful stage with my faith, I am starting to say very odd things about God, and as soon as that happens, I literally break down into tears. Yes, very odd, but I need and /want/ to speak my mind. Because I want to go to the glory gates of Heaven, and to see my grandfather. At what coasts, no one shall mistake my turns, and sins. I would just like for you advice, and or help for what I should do about these ‘Devil’s works’. Whenever I read, or talk about God, these thoughts vanish, literally. And I use to go to church a lot when I was about 11 and 12. I will do anything to be in those gates with him, and stand by his side with my family. I get so scared, that on my iPhone, I made a playlist of songs that are Christian rock bands, and the playlist’s name is ‘God Love’s Me’ It makes me calm, thank you for reading this. If you would send me some advice, I would be very thankful. God bless you, all!

  5. We have, all of us, sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. But God sent down His son to be born, raised, witness and die for all sins. All sins. Yours, mine…all. Believe this can be and ask forgiveness (you can be by yourself, in church, with anyone…it is of no account) and God the Father, by virtue of the death of his Son and His grace, will grant you entrance into His kingdom. No if’s, and’s or but’s. Easy.

  6. Francesca says

    I have really been struggling with the fear of Jesus Christ because of the bad I have done. Can you email me to help me through this?

  7. Im 18. I just started college this year, and I have been having major doubts in my faith. After reading some parts of revaluations I am scared. I have sinned alot and i dont want God to hate me for my doubt or because I keep messing up. I feel lost but I know I love him and my goal is to reside in heaven alongside him. It makes me want to cry because I wish I could actually have a conversation with God, like if he could talk back to me to make me feel secure. I am young and Ive made stupid decisions when it comes to lust and love. I want a family that I can raise up in church grow old with a good husband and have my heart prepared for christ. I really hope he knows what im feeling. I worry alot, in the mean time im trying to do everything the way he would have. I love you Jesus

  8. I’ve been a christian for a while and the experience has been so awesome. Two years back, I fell into pornography and masturbation and later to smoking and drinking. I wish to still come back but I lack the inner strength and mobilisation as I keep failing and falling over and over again. How do I come back to God? Will HE still accept me?

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