My Child, Do You Remember Me?

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My Child, Do You Remember Me?

My child, do you remember me?
We met so long ago.
You were formed inside my womb,
yet never allowed to grow.

gg5I never got to see your face,
or hold you in my arms.
I pray someday you’ll understand–
I never meant you harm.

I missed playing peek-a-boo
and going to the park.
I missed holding you in my lap
when you were afraid of the dark.

I missed your pretty pictures
of rainbows in the sky.
I missed the cards on Mother’s Day-
the kind that make you cry.

I missed you learning to ride a bike
and your first dive into the pool.
I missed your every summertime
and your every first day of school.

I missed your every birthday
and watching you grow each year.
I missed saying “I love you”
and showing how much I care.

My child, will you forgive me
for the life I stole from you?
Will you know the tears I’ve shed
for that child I never knew?

I know you’re in a better place,
and someday, I’ll meet you there.
For Jesus has forgiven me,
my sin, I no longer bear.

My child, will you remember me
on that day we meet again?
Will you even know my face
or wonder where I’ve been?

“Yes Mother, I remember you;
we met so long ago.
Why I could not stay with you,
I really do not know.”

“Come with me and meet the Lord,”
my child will smile and say.
“I’ll take your hand and lead you there,
for He’ll wash your tears away.”

Finally, I’ll approach His throne,
my sins as white as snow,
and He’ll hold me tight and say to me,
“My child, welcome home.”

Vicki Courtney ©1995

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