My Spineless Power

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My Spineless Power

gg4Sometimes I’m honest, but I usually taint my words with lies
At some point, every person has been affected by me
I will make you doubt the character of innocent people
And I will make others doubt the character of you

I am often colored with the green of envy
And I usually thrive on creating drama
I refuse to look into the heart of a person
But, instead, I strive to find their faults

Some people believe me, but nobody trusts me
Even though I act tough, in reality, I am spineless
Because of this, I will try to break up relationships
And tear down friendships, all in a single day

I don’t care about age or nationality
Gender and financial status mean nothing to me
I seek to devour everything in my path
I long to destroy the spirits of those nearby

If you allow me,
I will someday destroy your spirit, too
It’s up to you to learn to rise above.
I am Gossip

By Davonne Parks


  1. Davonne, this poem is really, really great. It personifies gossip and makes it so easy to see how horrible and destructive it is. Good job for making us think before we speak! :]

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