Blue-Eyed Girl

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Blue-Eyed Girl

gg1A million tears run down her face
with all the fears that have yet to fade.
She wanted him to know
but she hasn’t yet to show.

Sitting in the sun, blue eyes crying.
Trying so hard to fake all her smiles.
She finally breaks down,
can’t move, all frowns.

Crying her heart out,
she has no where to turn.
With no one there to help her,
no one to care.

People walking by
looking her into the eyes.
Stopping, staring,
they don’t know what she has to hide.

Morning to night,
she puts up the fight to be strong.
Trying to move along with life
but it seems so hard.

Finding a new faith in God,
from day to night she prays.
She holds her head up high, thinking of the hope she has,
knowing something better will come her way.

The days go by and all the tears are gone.
She looks up into the sky thanking Him for all that He has done.
New tears of freedom and happiness run down her face, all the pain is gone.
All things happen in His time.

By Michelle Jane

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