Valentine’s Party

candle-heartWe often have the picture perfect Valentine’s Day in our minds, and it usually includes a special someone. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all about relationships, though; this holiday can be a fun day for everyone!

One way to have fun on Valentine’s Day, whether in a relationship or not, is to throw a party with your friends! You could throw an around-the-world party, and have everyone bring an ethnic food, you could host a card-making party and have guests bring their favorite Valentine’s embellishment, or, if the party is just for girls, you could hang out and do a few fun girl things.

Valentine’s Party Tips

Spend a few hours cleaning. Like we mentioned in January, don’t worry about spending days scrubbing your house, but make sure everything looks nice. This is not a job for your mom! If you’ve never vacuumed or cleaned a bathroom, now is the time to learn. Make sure the house is straightened up, the floors are swept, the bathrooms are clean and well stocked, and the party areas have clean counters to place party items on.

Make it a fun friend time. The idea of the party is to have good, clean fun. Encourage everyone to have a fun time on this typically date-worthy holiday. Don’t use this as an opportunity to complain about not having a boyfriend or date.

Use free decorations. Look around your house, and have your friends look around theirs. Anything that’s pink, red, white, or has hearts will work. You may have some red paper plates from Christmas, white candles from a previous party, and a pink tablecloth for Easter. Put them together and you have a Valentine’s Day table! Think creatively when you come across anything that may work – balloons can be used in the main party area, throw blankets and pillows will help make the couch festive, and a red lamp shade will assist in creating a Valentine’s Day atmosphere. Don’t limit yourself to these ideas though – if you come across something that may work, take it to the party area with you and let it sit for awhile to see if inspiration strikes. In keeping with the first tip, make sure to put away your unused decorations as soon as you’re finished decorating.

lollipopProvide a few Valentine’s foods. If you’re planning on a full dinner, have everyone bring a dish to make things easier. Pink lemonade or red kool-aid make a fun drink option. For treats, you can make pink milkshakes, chocolate covered strawberries, iced heart sugar cookies, or chocolate cupcakes with red sprinkles. Most pink or red foods will work for this!

Be prepared with entertainment. Whether you choose to watch a movie, have a devotional, or do one of the things listed above, make sure to have your supplies ready before party time, so that every second of the party can be fun filled.

Don’t forget the camera! This evening is going to need to be documented on memory card.

Keep in mind

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, Valentine’s Day can be a fun day to express appreciation to those we love. If you are single, just enjoy it! Spend time with your friends delighting in the love of the One who created love—God! Have fun with your friends, and try to be content knowing that you aren’t faced with some of the temptation or potential heartbreaks that dating people are faced with.

In everything, including our friendships and relationships with others, ask God for wisdom about what to do, open your heart to allow Him to show the way, then don’t be afraid to follow where He leads, because He loves us the most of all (John 3:16) and knows what’s best for our lives and our futures.

Have fun this Valentine’s Day, and feel secure in knowing that God will send the right person to you when His time is right.

Davonne Parks

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