Non-romantic Love

4With this month being February, I thought it would be appropriate to discuss many couples’ favorite holiday: Valentine’s Day! I have always thought it to be a day used only as an excuse to get presents, but since I’ve gotten older and more understanding, I’ve realized that even though it may be like that for some, it doesn’t have to be that way for me! I have come to recognize that I can choose to make this day about love and God’s grace and mercy (Eph. 2:8)! My boyfriend and I have decided to make this a day of appreciation for the small things, such as time spent together. We usually write letters and buy some type of candy—simple and perfect!

Before I continue on with the good things Valentine’s Day brings, let me make this suggestion: Valentine’s Day can be celebrated with many different people. For example, you could choose to do something for your mother or maybe your best friend; it really doesn’t matter. What I’m trying to say is that if you are not currently in a dating relationship, there’s no need to feel left out of this wonderful day. You can go out and tell everyone important in your life what they mean to you—and don’t be shy about it!

To me, the best thing about Valentine’s Day is the chance to express your love and positive feelings freely (of course, we shouldn’t hesitate to do this all the time)! I am one of those people who often come up with different scenarios in her mind and many times tells herself that “this may be the last chance I have to speak to or see someone.” So I have always made it a goal to part with everyone on good terms. Sometimes I worry that I don’t tell people how much I 5care about them, and so I make a point of being open with others about my feelings for them. I think that Valentine’s Day can be used as the perfect opportunity to tell all the people in our lives how much we love and appreciate them! We can do this by sending cards to the elderly, hosting a party for friends, or doing nice things for family members.

Don’t let those who care about you just assume that you care, too—tell them with kind and loving words (Rom. 12:10).  God wants us to take care of each other, and sometimes all that is needed is a simple thank you and expression of gratitude. I hope that everyone will choose to make this holiday of love a day to show love and spread God’s many gifts to His Creation.

Shelby Garrett

Shelby Garrett

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